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  1. I have multiple offers from the last 5 or so years on every TWD page I own sitting in a gmail folder. I just went through it and not a single one from James. He may have been an 800lb gorilla, but he wasn't the only person buying.
  2. I really liked Nik, a lot. But for me the boards died before his passing. I was long gone when he died. My only regret in leaving when I did was not having more time around him.
  3. I picked up my books every week from my LCS for over 15 years but recently the owner decided that rather than selling to me at a small discount he would rather I spend my money on-line and get a large discount with free shipping.
  4. It's on my ftp site if you care to take a look. http://www.justafanboy.com/scans/art/colan_mcp_108_pg_1.jpg
  5. Marvel Comics Presents #108 Gene Colan and Al Willamsom Oh well, tried.
  6. I'll wave when you drive through New Mexico.
  7. In my signature there are links to web pages I put together years ago regarding Silver and Bronze Age crossovers, if you haven't seen them already.
  8. Matt and Sharlene Kindt Dept. H Issue 4 Page 20 http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1405061
  9. I met Jeff in Santa Fe, nice guy. He did this quick sketch for my daughter.