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  1. Got this back today - very disappointed with the grade, but it is what it is. Some defects that should have pressed out, but has some staining. Still looks amazing for the grade.
  2. I'm adjusting my drool cup so I can watch as William takes all the good stuff . . .
  3. This is a low grade copy. First, the drawbacks: cover split and missing the spine. Chips out of front cover at edges and chunk at top. Covers glued to first wrap. First wrap at spine area colored in black to "hide" the missing spine. Missing center wrap. Edges of first half of the book are chipped. Otherwise its a great copy! While edges seem to be suffering from brittleness, the pages are actually supple. I think this was just read to death at the edges. Cover image is intact and looks great. Interior has supple cream pages with nice color. Rare book (Gerber 6) and not much data. So, what the heck - I'll ask $775 for this masterpiece. NOW $625!!!
  4. first - rules and regulations: no HOSers, Probies or bad people. First unvonditional in the thread trumps any private negotiations. If we agree on a price, claim it on the thread! PayPal or Check or Money Order, all acceptable forms of payment. Check/MO has to clear before book sent out. Shipping included in CONUS. No returns unless I miss something material in the description. Offers listened to . . . Thanks!
  5. Thank you everyone for your input! Here is the official result!
  6. I feel you - recently sold my high grade #11, but luckily found a decent but lower grade copy so I felt better about selling.
  7. Marvel Mystery Comics 51, CGC 6.0 Off-white pages. Deep vibrant colors, sharp book. Schomburg cover with Nazis and bondage (though no pretty girls). This is one of those that present much better than the technical grade. Biggest drag on grade is a crease on the back cover that is hard to see, but it does break color. Last sales are tough to gage, as higher grades went for nice prices over a year ago (8.5 for $3,000 and 9.0 for $4,800), but then a 4.5 went for $2,104 not yet 3 months ago. So, I'll throw it out there at $4,200 and see if anyone is interested - or if I get any offers . . .
  8. Action Comics 6, CGC 1.8 Cream to Off-white pages. First appearance Jimmy Olsen (as "office boy"). Early Superman, before he was regularly on the cover, and they still had to explain who he was since he wasn't a cultural icon known and beloved by everyone yet. This is a barn find - literally found in a box in the back of a tractor with other comics (I didn't get any of the others). Cover is detached and you can see the rest of the defects (bug chews, writing on cover and water stain upper left corner). Pages are supple and none of the bug chewing affects the art. Last sales of import to this book - a 2.5 with brittle pages and tape on the cover sold for $4,050 in January this year. Asking - you guessed it - $4,200.
  9. OK, it's a weird title for a thread, but I couldn't think of anything else to call it. See if I attract, or scare away, potential customers . . . Rules, usual - no HOSers, Probies, bad people of any stripe Check or Money order only for these. Everything must clear before I send out the book. No returns - they are CGC books and if they are damaged then we will work with insurance. I will entertain offers, but first unconditional in the thread trumps all negotiations and DM deals, so if we come to an understanding, take it on the thread before someone else does! Thanks for looking - enjoy!