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  1. I love how Bunky Brian starts off this thread by stating he's bored . . . None of us are bored by this thread! Amazing!
  2. Thanks! I'll put together that list after the weekend (NYCC is taking up all my mental energy)
  3. Roy Rogers and the Deadly Treasure Nice Fine condition Asking $25
  4. Tom Beatty Ace of the Service Scores Again VG condition. Asking $15
  5. Smilin' Jack and the Escape from Death Rock about a Fine- Asking $28
  6. Secret Agent x-9 and the Mad Assassin Also say this is a Fine Asking $25
  7. Mickey Mouse and the 'Lectro Box Also calling this a Fine. Asking $30
  8. Lone Ranger and Dead Men's Mine F really nice color and shine Asking $35
  9. Little Orphan Annie and the Underground Hide Out VG/F Annie and Sandy in a mystery Asking $15
  10. Calling W-1-X-Y-Z Jimmy Kean and the Radio Spies I'd say this is a VG. Never heard of these guys, but I'm sure they got their man! Asking $10
  11. First up - in Alphabetical order . . . . Bugs Bunny the Masked Marvel I grade this as a Fine, based on what I have read about grading these things. No pages missing, everything attached with no rips on the interior. See pics for cover condition. Asking $20