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  1. Great buy! I love that the masthead colors are Red and Green - cheerful holiday issue!!!
  2. I'm curious which GA grail he's selling these, uh, grails for!!!
  3. Closing tonight/Tuesday morning . . . a few nice books left (Shocking Mystery Cases On Hold for now)
  4. Forgot to list this one - a "hot" book. This Magazine is Haunted 4 CGC 4.0 C/OW. Not sure why this is a hot book, but I don't ask questions. Ok, it has a skeleton grabbing a hot babe, headlights, so maybe I understand a little. This one would be higher but has a water stain bottom right corner. CGC 6.5 sold for $1,016 about a year ago, one for sale on eBay 5.5 PLOD for $799. I'll ask $650.
  5. Wanted Comics 50 CGC 6.5 WHITE pages! I am not an expert on this title but I think this is the 2nd best cover of the run (first being 32). Buscema cover and art, odd Pink inks that were unstable so not common in higher grade (this is 2nd highest grade behind a 7.0). One sold over 2 years ago for $294. Some one is asking $1,000 for a CGC 6.5 OW/W - who am I to doubt his judgement? Asking $900. And remember, the transfer stain from this is listed above (The Thing! 4). Buy the pair and keep them together for history's sake! SOLD!!!
  6. Tomb of Terror 8.0!!! Light Tan to OW. Great Elias cover. Nice high grade. A 9.0 with similar/slightly better PQ sold a year ago for $898. I just can't see such a high grade book go for much less, so I'm asking $850.
  7. The Thing! 4 CGC 5.5 WHITE pages! Nice Zombie cover! Biggest problem with this book is the transfer stain on the back cover (the book it comes from will be listed soon as well Wanted Comics 50 - get the set!!!). A 6.0 with inferior PQ sold about a year ago for $418. I'm going to ask $500.
  8. Teen Age Romances 3 CGC 6.0 C/OW. This presents higher, but grade text states "2 center wraps detached" which brings the grade down. I'm not sure how that affects the price. A much worse looking 5.5 sold in July for $960. I'm going to start by asking $1,350. Let the market decide! And they put it in a magazine size holder - it was a little oversized (??) SOLD!!!
  9. Strange Mysteries 15 CGC 4.0 WHITE pages. My favorite cover of this group. Lower grade but nice PQ, great cover, and no GPA data. 2 for sale on eBay, one with a detached cover and one stated 1.8, both asking mid to high $400's. I'm asking $1,200 for this completely intact, white page beauty.