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  1. Just got this in - 3 on the census and Heritage has one of their "One of only five copies we've encountered to date (2018, and none since)" rough and rare Fox Giant.
  2. Romance is so nice we are trying it again! Love Letters 30 3.0 paper loss at spine Young Love 44 1.0 spine completely split and detached Girls' Love 36 4.0 nice book! Love Romances 91 3.0 Young Romance 55 2.5 photo cover Personal Love 21 2.0 spine split almost half way from bottom, tanning Ask $50 shipping$6
  3. Wabbits!!! Peter Cottontail 2 3.0 slight rust at staples Peter Rabbit (the New Adventures of) 12 4.0 nice pq Happy Rabbit 46 3.5 Funny Films 17 2.0 big rip across cover from spine 1/3rd from bottom Giggle Comics 46 2.0 kid doodled an and an evil x (aka swastika) under the title. $15 plus $5 shipping
  4. Generic Cool GA books Airboy Comics V3#2 (4th issue) missing cf Airboy Comics V8#8 2.5 A Date With Judy 38 2.0 Felix the Cat 17 1.5 complete Sparkler Comics 73 2.0/2.5 Tarzan, Lil Abner Famous Funnies 151 1.0 (coupon cut from back cover) Buck Rogers! Daredevil 95 and 97, both about 1.8/2.0 spine splitting and staining Ask $50 shipping $9
  5. Ducks (mostly). Goofy Comics 36 and 46 (both 2.5/3.0) Barnyard Comics 31 3.5 Dinky Duck Comics 2 would be a solid 6.0 but for staining front and back. Animal Antics 39 4.5 $20 plus $5 shipping
  6. Romance is the best! Lot of 6 lovely books! Love Adventures 4, 2.5/3.0 top staple detached and generally rough but complete Girls Love 32 3.0 Ten-Story Love 209 (V36 #5) 3.0 Young Romance 82 3.0 Kirby Kirby Kirby!!!! Art, that is. Young Brides 25 (4.0) and 30 (2.0), produced by Simon and Kirby $55 plus $6 shipping
  7. Super Mouse group Coo Coo Comics (featuring Super Mouse) 62, 4.0 with a decent size water stain on back cover. Suoer Mouse the Big Cheese 9 and 26, 9 is 3?5/4.0, 26 is a nice 5.0 Ask $15 plus $4 shipping
  8. Little comics - not small, but with that in the title: Little Roquefort 6, 9 and 10. 6 nice but bug chew upper spine, other 2 around 4.0 Little Max 6 4.0 nice Little Audrey 15, nice 4.5 with great page quality. Ask $15 plus $5 shipping
  9. First lot is GA Crime! It's a crime how rough some of these books are! Crime Must Pay the Penalty 23 (bug chews, doesn't hit art!) and 43 (tape on inside cover holding it on) Headline Comics 59 (light big chew right bottom edge) Sam Hill Private Eye 7 (back cover missing, front detached) Mr. District Attorney 33, 45, 47, 52, and 59 2.0-4.0, nice group of this title Law Breakers 8 about 3.0 Asking $75, shipping $10
  10. Ok, so trying this from my phone so I apologise in advance if anything is odd or wonky. Rules: no HOSers or Probies, you take you buy! First in the thread trump's all DMs and negotiations. Payment is PayPal, check or Money order (check and money order has to clear before books sent). As usual, I will entertain offers - may not accept them, but they may be entertaining. No refunds - these are mostly low grade so buyer beware! I will describe any major unseen defects if I know of them. Shipping is variable - not sure what will fit in smaller box or requires flat rat
  11. I thought there already was a one bump per 24 hours rule? If someone is continually bumping their own thread then the mods can warn and then, if it's a real problem child, enforce on a case by case. But if people are having fun on a thread why stop it?
  12. Might as well give away the book - not that I'm trying to keep secrets but should make the conversation more exact (if possible). Before and after pics of cover. Many of the 'holes' in the spine were really just folded in, so actual amount of missing pieces was relatively small.
  13. Sent my first book to be Conserved (leaf casting) and was wondering what you all think the value for Conserved would be relative to a book graded Universal, in the same grade of course (i.e. 3.5 Blue vs. 3.5 Gray)? Thanks!