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  1. I'd like to make it up there one time. Thanks BUTM.
  2. Flipper used to be in the end zone of the Orange Bowl when the Dolphins played there. Had to get it.
  3. Some of the random stuff I got Sunday. Nightmare 1, 6 10 and Hell Rider 1 are high grade.
  4. Not to pry into your business, but what does something like that go for?
  5. You can buy straight naptha, look for it in the paint section. Removes ink too. It's flammable, so be careful.
  6. From what I understand, the Uniform Commercial Code covers this. Generally, and California Law may be different, the consignee assumes the risk in a consignment situation while the goods are in possession of the consignee. However if the seller/consignor didn't file a financing statement as required by section 9 of the UCC... Also, I suspect if there was a contract it would supersede these guidelines.
  7. Auction notes that it's certified by a different company too.
  8. Marvel chipping, some rippling lower half b/c. Thanks!
  9. Isn't there a 'Tec with a Neal Adams cover that recreates a early issue, but the story is pedestrian? A castle? Just to point out that there are cool covers that are worth $$$, and that's all they have going for them.
  10. Should the graph be more specific for the Y axis? More and less are pretty much de rigueur, right? I mean, it's never less on top, is it?
  11. Some are as low as $15, up to several hundred. Not sure what type of stuff you get in the POW thing, but I'm guessing it's a Stan auto, and I think there are going to be tons of them. But I could be wrong.