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  1. Hulk: Planet Hulk (#92-105, Giant-Size #1, Amazing Fantasy #15), first print $40.00 = $12.00 Avengers: Disassembled (Thor #80-85, Iron Man #84-89, Falcon #5-7, Cap #29-32), first print, new, in shrinkwrap $50.00 = $15.00 Civil War: Peter Parker Spider-Man (Sensational Spider-Man #28-34), first print $18.00 = $9.00 Incredible Hulk: Prelude to Planet Hulk (#88-91), first print $14.00 = $7.00 Civil War: Marvel Universe (Choosing Sides, The Return, The Initiative, She-Hulk #8), first print $12.00 = $6.00 Wolverine Origins Vol. 1: Born in Blood (#1-5), first print $20.00 = $6.00 Wolverine Origins Vol. 2: Savior (#6-10), first print $20.00 = $6.00 Wolverine Origins Vol. 3: Swift and Terrible (#11-15), first print $20.00 = $6.00 Wolverine Origins Vol. 4: Our War (#16-20, Annual #1), first print $20.00 = $6.00 Thor: Godstorm (#1-3, Thor #408-409), first print w/dustjacket $20.00 = $6.00
  2. please add kevin smith daredevil. glenn fabry art (unsigned) $31990s batman DC buttons sets. limited numbered editions still sealed. $10 for lot of 6
  3. Take these batman and robin (2). frank quitely art (unsigned) $3batman superman (1). ethan van scriver art (signed by ethan van scriver) $3JLA happily ever after. bryan hitch art (signed mark waid) $3justice league 2013 lithograph. jim lee art (unsigned) $3legends of the world’s finest - double sided. dan brereton art (signed by dan brereton) $3phoenix ending. greg land art (signed by greg land) $5star wars galaxy tops promo. ken steacy art (signed steacy) $5americas best comics (1). chris sprouse art (signed chris sprouse) $3amazing spiderman (2) new ways to die. intro anti-venom. john romita jr art (signed dan slott) $5the nocturnals. dan brereton art (signed dan brereton) $5 Any more Batman?
  4. Anyone have some insights on the rarity of Amazing Spider-man 101 in higher grades VF+? I've collected for 30+ years and I know the standards of rarity have been changed a lot. I remember reading in Overstreet about 15 years ago that Spider-man 50 and lower were relatively hard to find in NM and therefore a good investment. Luckily I followed that advice and found some beauties but I largely ignored early spidey bronze opting for Batman instead. I just looked at the census 119 in NM with 112 higher. 3661 total submissions. To me that seems low. Any advice would be great
  5. Purchased 3 boxed figures from Munster and they all arrived safe and sound. Perfect experience in every way. Thanks so very much!
  6. As PM I will take Zombie Batman black and white statue by Neal Adams Batman animated series bust SDCC exclusive Batman animated series batmobile Thanks!
  7. Batman #248 VF/NM, Detective #658, Batman in Noir Alley at 50% off
  8. Great seller. Perfect packaging for two graded books. Just an easy person to deal with. Very happy to offer my highest recommendation. Thanks again David
  9. Per PM I will take Thor 158 and CA 104 Thanks
  10. Anyone on the fence should pull the trigger on the deal FF is offering. Already got the GS Spidey today with a freebie. Grade was spot on for me