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  1. I find it very important that you have an over idea on what you want the theme/image to be about. But for I always always allow artistic freedom. They are the pros lets them bring your idea to life. To many times the buyer can restrict the artist by demanding way to many things (IMO)
  2. Shifting Focus Help me out Usual rules apply Pay-Pal only please. $$USD Shipping anywhere in North America First wins Feel free to make offers . Bundle deals available! Ship priority mail for Additional $20 usd with tracking (If shipping is less will refund the buyer the difference) Combined shipping on multiple orders. Special Note: Spend Over $300 get to pick one of these covers, first come first serve. [/img] [/img] [/img] Spider-Man Symobite-J.B Monares-Inks -Dan Borgonos [/img] Batman Vs Clay Face-Back-J.B Monares [Front][/img] [back][/img] Ghost Rider- Hugh Rookwood (name spelling error) [Front][/img] [back][/img] Captain America Vs Iron Man- Nestor Celario Jr. [/img] Covers for $100 Shredder-Matt Slay [/img] Wolverine & Chun-Li-Alvin Lee -Signed [/img] Red Skull-Stuart Sayger [/img] X-O Manowar-Stuart Sayger [/img] Sabretooth - Anriano Carreon [/img] Clayface-Sara Richard [/img] Stuart Sayger- Bane/Batman [Front][/img] [back[/img] Venom - Gary Shipman [Front][/img] [back][/img] Iron Man -Stuart Sayger [Front[/img] [back][/img] Venom -Stuart Sayger [Front][/img] [back][/img] Power Girl -Alfred Trujillo SOLD [/img] Covers for $350 Carnage - Clayton Crain