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  1. Based on the notes, could either be a missing chunk from the book that got replaced and rusty staples replaced (which drove cleaning the cover).
  2. The Ditko Spiderman panel page is pretty darn sweet
  3. Based on when the collection was found restoration wasn’t as heavily frowned on.
  4. Larson Detective 36 was just posted. No picture yet but it is restored, moderate. Still, its a pre-Robin Detective
  5. Gene does wear many hats, or in this case maybe studded jock straps
  6. It is not one of his better ones. I found the earliest strips to be a bit hit or miss.
  7. I will answer under my P-Nutz persona. It will got for somewhere between butt-load and left kidney range. I could definitely see $60k+. Does it hit over $100k? Hard to say but there has definitely been movement in that direction for very early pieces. It is Shermy versus one of the more popular modern characters but it also has a very early version of Snoopy. The bit is only so-so but the piece is so early I am sure someone with much deeper pockets than me will end up with it.
  8. I will get burned at the stake for this but I am not a fan of the cover. Some of the anatomy looks off in my opinion. Couple that with the fact that there is a 1950 Peanuts daily in this auction and I just can’t muster any excitement for this X-men cover.
  9. It's Shermy not Charlie Brown and its a well known fact that Snoopy can teleport.
  10. Who can get excited about these pieces when there is a 1950s Peanuts daily coming up
  11. Very sad news condolences to his family.
  12. That’s why I like it. Reminds me of my comic room, visually cluttered