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  1. They are quite nice but I think they have always lived off their parents and plan to largely continue for the foreseeable future. I guess if your parents are willing to do it, enjoy? I know my generation was pushed out of the nest after high school unless you went to college in which case you might get a pass till you finished your undergrad degree.
  2. Funny you mention the degree stuff. We have a college rental and the current tenants are moving out since they just graduated. Cost to parents is about $200k total for the four years of school. It was rented by 3 girls. One I don’t know what she is doing but the other two plans are: girl 1 travel to India for one year studying yoga. She just felt a need to going back after a prior trip to become more spiritual. When she comes back she will attend an herbalist school in Colorado girl 2 is going to work on a coop farm in Canada. She will get room and board but hopes to also get paid some money.
  3. I hear similar things and know a lot of the younger generation who have this mindset. It has been interesting watching as they transition from just out of college and single to serious relationships to married and see how they become more traditional.
  4. If by renovation you mean pick up the trash in the yard then yes.
  5. A single wide in Boulder can be had for less than $300k
  6. If by mansion you mean single wide trailer then count me in that group
  7. Mr B has an uncanny knack for snagging some sweet high grade DC books at some amazing prices. Rich didn't you snag some Church Adventures cheap several years back? (I am old and my memory is definitely faulty).
  8. I hope you are right given the large number of high grade Batman's up right now. 30% off
  9. Especially when you consider it is a Dyson Vacuum prototype cover
  10. Some of the books with CVA labels Poor registration, poorly trimmed, etc.
  11. 100% agree, they will grab material from anyplace they can find it but comics do offer so recognition and potentially an "easy" path to a movie or series.
  12. At a high level, I feel more comic book stories will be used for making movies and TV shows because of all the new studios (Amazon, Apple, Hulu, Netflix, etc) looking for material for generating original programming. A person could look back at previous series and identify potential characters.series to turn into movies or TVs and have a hey day speculating.
  13. Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to remove watercolor from a inked piece of OA or have a good person to ask?