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  1. Definitely hard to say what drove the final hammer. I thought a lot of the GA ended up on the cheaper side with a few outliers.
  2. That two page Strange Tales 101 piece was simply spectacular. Origin retold, Thing transformation, etc. I think who ever bought it did quite well on the price. The Marvel Tales 44 cover was higher than I thought by quite a bit.
  3. That was actually a really nice price given previous hammer prices.
  4. The Black Knight 1 went for a strong price I thought but don’t follow that market too closely
  5. With the proper tool set, all restoration is removable
  6. I left out a key word he uses to avoid just such a situation
  7. He says that a lot these days ... If I remember correctly, this was the restored Superman 1 that hammered real high and it may have been Gator that said the book was a candidate for the treatment.
  8. I love this hobby (channeling tth since he won't see this until later tonight)
  9. You win some, you lose some. The Marvel Comics 1 that got the treatment did quite well. Bigger pop on the grade though. Maybe the mechanic that worked on this Action was hoping for a 9.4.