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  1. although nice to see M<arvel giving 5 yr olds a chance to try being comicbook artist.
  2. comics that never leave the LCS wall

    My local comic book store is Time Warp in Boulder, CO. Their wall stock seems to change out pretty often as does their silver/bronze box stock. I think it is because they are priced reasonable.
  3. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    I was wondering if you saw that ! looks pretty darn spectacular
  4. Sad News, Dr.X's mother passed away today

    Very sad news, thoughts and prayers are with him and his family
  5. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    I hate even trying to guess but I would take the over at $25k and the under at $40k
  6. Best of 2017.... Polls are Open!

    That is a great cover ! Came out in my early collecting years.
  7. Feb auction

    I really like the Master Comics 22
  8. AS8 CGC 9.4 for 1.7 MIL

    My understanding is it sold for 1.6 million. The new owner intends to get it pressed and will re-list it for 3.2 million.
  9. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    WOW, does not look like a 7.0
  10. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Definitely score of the year so far
  11. Feb auction

    The monkeys look a bit disturbing so no, not on my list.
  12. AS8 CGC 9.4 for 1.7 MIL

    I guess they took your 1.6 mil offer
  13. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    This just might be the auction where I pop my Peanuts cherry.
  14. What was the first comic you ever "hoarded"

    I have a few multiples on books
  15. Sub-Mariner 1 6.5 12/17 sale info?

    I was in for a while but it really jumped up the last minute.