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  1. You see a lot of the “experiments” for sell on eBay and even the CGC boards
  2. This is how the hundreds of people pressing books learned.
  3. Thanks for not posting the full video, white pants and Taco Bell do NOT go together.
  4. That's what they keep trying to tell me at my AA meetings but I haven't seen any hard evidence to convince me they are right.
  5. That book makes me feel all tingly
  6. I was thinking more “give her another 5 minutes and you should be good”
  7. Using my patented system you too can turn your 9.0s into 9.4s but in all seriousness the 9.4 looks amazing
  8. Dolby Dickles takes suck to a new level and don’t get me started on the Green Lanterns side kicks
  9. Verifiably untrue, Etta Candy is the worst.
  10. I think it could surpass the Detective 27. If it is at your guess, I would be quite happy
  11. We do a green bean dish too with bacon, cider vinegar, and those pearl cocktail onions sliced in half