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  1. Marvel Comics #1 Club

    I already said I would poop my pants if it sold for less than 80k (fortunately it is above that). I expect it to hit at least $120k, $140k wouldn't shock me, $160k would start to make my eyes widen.
  2. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Denver Comic Con has some comics but each year it seems less and less. I actually didn't go last year because the cost is so high to get in and I usually come away with nothing. There are people selling cosplay stuff, mystery boxes, t-shirts, toys, furniture, etc. I would be hard pressed to say what the theme of the show is.
  3. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    That looks like a blast!
  4. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Dancing Alfred cover, one of my favorites
  5. ComicConnect has the Rockford Detective 27 scan up. Looks pretty darn nice This one is in the February CLINK Auction. Been a while since I remember seeing a 73 in an auction.
  6. WTF?

    Drugs are bad see, drugs are bad
  7. My thoughts as well, Man-Bat looked good, but Batman was just so-so
  8. Marvel Comics #1 Club

    I predict... PAIN
  9. I am still in a state of shock. I guess we will see the usual suspects raising the price of their Peanut artwork
  10. Dude, I think you got a smoking deal on that one. I expected it to go higher. You have to post a picture holding it so folks can get an idea of just how big these were.
  11. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Get the torches and pitchforks boys we got our selves a blasphemer
  12. It is hard to get use to these ever increasing prices. The only way I see things going down is if I decide to sell something
  13. Missed the Man-Thing Cover 17 cover. I was out once it crossed $10k. I thought a lot of the OA went pretty high, especial once it hit the live auction.
  14. Don’t feel bad, you weren’t as far off as I have been on some of my guesses.
  15. Clink Auction Started tonight

    I place trackers on several pages but need to see how the HA auction shakes out