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  1. Make sure to include "Save the CVA label"
  2. Glad you are on the road to recovery!
  3. My understanding is the certified the shroud of turin signed by Jesus Christ.
  4. 1. Fail 2. Two very minor books 3. Fail but I did buy another daily
  5. I would suggest stretching and stay hydrated
  6. I have a Captain Action and Dr Evil not in the box, Captain Action is mint, complete but Dr Evil isn’t. Got them from a comic book shop in Phoenix at a Sunday sale they were having, $20 each with $25% off so the pair cost me $30 before tax. I also snagged a Batman outfit on the card off an auction back in the 90s. Still have them
  7. I would say (although many may disagree) that certain auction houses do better with certain books. I think CLINK is better for silver and bronze books. Heritage is top for key GA and maybe SA keys plus A and B level artwork. COMICCONNECT I haven’t decided on. Hakes is great for toys. This is just my perspective.
  8. How did you end up doing? I have a bunch of stuff that would be more aligned with Hakes content that I am mulling over trying to consign to them.
  9. Yes. I have never seen one hit over $10k
  10. Nothing in this one I was interested in but definitely want to check out where the Captain Action outfits closed at. K, just looked
  11. Oh please. If you weren’t trying to draw attention why are you striking that seductive pose?
  12. Am I the only one that would like to see a little more turquoise on that belt