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  1. Awesome story! I had a similar experience with a heritage auction for a favorite cover. I was sitting in a fast food restaurant bidding off my cellphone for the first time during the live part. I figured it would hammer over 5k but I got it for just over $3k. Still have it
  2. My problem is I keep all the catalogs I get and probably have a 6ft+ stack. Every time I think about getting rid of some I flip through them and say "you know, I might want that."
  3. I got my catalogs last night and they have a smaller one with the console on the cover. Seems like they advertising it quite heavily.
  4. What is the latest date on the list you have?
  5. What was the date range for Allentowns?
  6. I think I may know someone who has a heavy bias tainting their opinion
  7. Tech geeks love this sort of stuff. Old cell phones are selling for big money, old consoles, even open games are in demand to be played. I think it is just at the beginning stages myself with a lot of upside potential. I dont collect the stuff myself but like watching what stuff goes for.