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  1. ComicConnect 11/13 auction

    I hope it sets an all time record for final hammer price
  2. Worlds Finest 3 is getting some serious respect these days.
  3. ComicConnect 11/13 auction

    Wow Rich, you actually parting with that beauty?
  4. 100% agree. I think a lot of the old school mail order business model was to count on low return rates. I remember ordering from Robert Crestoyl (sp = very bad) in the 1980s. I had several months of orders planned out but stopped after I received my 1st order. Similar I actually called several dealers about the condition of books they had listed in CBG ads. I asked specific questions about interior cover tanning, page quality, restoration, etc. I was assured of the condition but ended up getting complete . I sent stuff back, just too pissed. Showcase New England was my absolute worst experience.
  5. Capullo selling his Batman artwork online

    I am actually not a big fan of his work, especially at the high prices.
  6. I asked a dealer who I won't mention to look at a book for me because something looked off. We walked to the booth, he looked at the book and it had color touch on the spine and around the staple which he was able to spot. Book was an Adventure 51, dealer selling it was a dealer who has been banned from the boards. Show was Wondercon several years back but I can't remember if it was pre or post move to San Fransisco. I definitely appreciated the dealer giving me his opinion on the book, saved me some serious money.
  7. Marvel's Falling Sales

    I don't think the long term health of the printed media is looking good. I know I bought comics each week since the late 70s to 2010 but when I relocated to Colorado I decided to quit buying new books. The main reason was the constant re-boots, character changes only to change back and then change again, poor writing, and terrible artwork. I haven't missed buying new books at all. I tried to get my son into comics but he has no interest (15 now). I know one guy in Colorado that was a big time buyer of new stuff, like several hundred dollars per month but he recent switched to trades only and cut way back.
  8. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    If you are only going to pick up one book, thats a good one to get.
  9. people also need to remember the in addition to the CLINK and COMICCONNECT auctions, HA was running the rare books auction. I really wanted that "Talented Mr Ripley"
  10. You are going to have a long wait I always say I am going to sell dupes and never do.
  11. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    that is just plain amazing
  12. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Agreed, not a nice looking copy
  13. Easy way to turn this trend around is for me to start selling stuff. Prices would definitely hit an all time low on anything I tried to sell.
  14. Any interest in buying a slightly used left nut?