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  1. Those are really cool, you know what year they are from?
  2. My wife’s hobbies include expensive jewelry expensive purses expensive cars (I drive a beat up pickup) essential oils (if you know what that is, condolences) rental properties (actually a good investment for us) painting and drawing going on vacation I don’t care about any of it because it makes her happy as long as savings plans are being met.
  3. Got divorced and the "new" wife is fine with me collecting although I am limited to 4 Peanuts pieces in the main part of the house and she is fine with me having a large workshop and comic room in the new house.
  4. I had to set up a separate folder in my email to hold all of those email. I think they sent them almost daily. Got my 1st on on the 2nd day of the auction
  5. I know people talk about slow shipping of winning from CC but I paid on Monday and should have mine on Saturday And I went with the cheap shipping
  6. My big question is will stuff show up in the June auction?
  7. Mission accomplished ! The fire is about a 5 alarm
  8. I will say, I bought this piece off an auction site that is not known for Peanuts artwork and it does not have the copyright but it does have the residue from the copyright.
  9. Possibly or the image just doesn't show it, same as the crease. Wish the image of the back showed the full back so you could potentially see the crease. I was able to overlay the picture of the printed piece and the auction piece and they are exactly the same. Looking at the org auctioning it off is definitely a bit scary. Feedback is pretty sketchy and the response to negative feedback is off-putting.
  10. I only took a quick look on a phone but I don’t see the copyright on it nor do I see residue from where it was. I also don’t see a fold in the piece which was very typical for the time. Also not from 3/19/1971 haven’t check to see if they have the year off. I looked around several years and couldn’t find a 3/19/?? That matches that one. Linus with glasses first appeared in 1962 so I went back that far and couldn’t find the strip. Picture below shows the paste-up of the copyright that appears on most strips. It also shows the fold for the daily strips.
  11. Books from that time period still make me feel all tingly inside
  12. They held it for almost a year, shouldn’t it have hammered for $36k?
  13. Personally I think it is a good move by HA. There is some overlap between Comic, Comic Art, and Game collectors but probably more that don’t overlap the three. Buy pulling it out, you don’t bog down non-game collectors. With all the game stuff. Sure you can use the filters but they only work once and item is categorized.
  14. I had a unit in New Mexico and it was robbed. Police told me criminals were coming through, pulling numbers off the locks then coming back later with keys they could obtain for the locks. The cop told us Master locks were the most popular ones for them to get keys for.
  15. I own no Boris artwork but love a lot of his stuff and if the right piece came up in auction, would definitely bid. I definitely prefer his earlier stuff and not so much his later “weird” stuff.
  16. Another significant item just showed up. I think it is spectacular.
  17. If after the auction you see an increase in Heritage buyer and seller fees, then we can conclude the piece sold for a lot and Jim H won it.