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  2. Hi Everybody,  Hoping everyone is doing well and staying safe during these strange times. The usual, no Probies, no HOSer's, and no meanies. Paypal, Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for purchases $1000 and under. Check, & M.O. are the accepted payment methods for this thread for purchases over $1000. Book will be shipped once payment clears. Payment is due within 72 hours of purchase. Unless, the buyer and seller agree to a longer time-frame for payment before the deal is finalized. Fully Insured USPS Priority shipping in the US is included in
  3. Wow! Calling this batch of books lovely would be a serious understatement
  4. Very cool! What are the interiors of this book like? The cover is so bizarre in the best possible way.
  5. Oooooo! I really love the mis-registration of this one
  6. Museum quality and absolutely stunning! Was this piece acquired from the Berk auction?
  7. This isn't a pulp but I picked up Weinberg Tales at last years Windy City Convention from Phyllis Weinberg (I only met her the one time but I can't think of a sweeter, more friendly individual). It's a fantastic read about Bob Weinberg, and his journey of tracking down, buying and trading for original pulp and fantasy art. Some wonderful stories (a particular favorite is Sam Moskowitz rescuing a bunch of original Frank R Paul cover paintings from a dumpster that were being thrown away by by Hugo Gernsback), and it involves a who's who of early sci-fi and fantasy collectors. Highly recomme
  8. I hope it doesn't get cancelled, but I would certainly understand if it did considering the current climate. I've attended the last several years and it's a fantastic, intimate show with an old school feel.
  9. Wow! Cover to cover you scooped up some unbelievable goodies. I would say "a good week" is a serious understatement.
  10. Fantastic tough book! Absolutely love it! I've always thought the lizard monsters on this cover looked a bit like Telly Savalas.
  11. Great pick-up of an absolutely stunning classic! Thank you for sharing. He was such a visionary and pioneer of early sci-fi aesthetics. Please keep them coming!
  12. Absolutely love it! May we get s'more Frank R Paul awesomeness posted in this thread?