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  1. You really knocked it out of the park with these beauties!!! Congratulations!
  2. Just giving a BUMP. This thread will be closed by Friday afternoon EDIT 12/8/18 THREAD IS CLOSED
  3. WORLDS OF FEAR #4 FN+ (6.5) White Pages Cracked out of a CGC slab, comes with the label. Some light creasing on the lower left edge of the back cover, a small faint crease at the middle right edge of the front cover, a ding on the middle left of the back cover, light tanning on the back cover and interior of the front cover. Tight staples throughout, absolutely beautiful copy of a classic! THREAD IS CLOSED
  4. THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED #7 FN (6.0) OW small color breaking crease in the lower right corner of the front cover, staples firmly attached with a bit of spine stress, slight tanning on the back cover, some dings and general wear, overall, a very nice presenting copy of a great PCH book! THREAD IS CLOSED
  5. Mysteries #7 VG (4.0) CR/OW small tear at the top left of the front cover, chip out of the lower right side of the back cover THREAD IS CLOSED
  6. THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED #10 VG/FN to FN- (5.25) CR/OW CLASSIC SEVERED HEAD COVER tight presenting copy some tanning on the back cover, some dings and small tears on the front and back cover THREAD IS CLOSED
  7. Sorry folks, wasn't able to list more books last night, but I've finally been able to upload some images and I'll getting s'more listings up within the hour.
  8. Hey everybody! Thanks for the friendly PM's. My work day went a little longer than anticipated, but I still plan on listing a few more books later tonight
  9. That'll do it for tonight. I'll be listing s'more goodies tomorrow.
  10. MYSTERIES #11 FN- (5.5) CR/OW some outer halo tanning on the pages, some small creases,and dings throughout the front and back covers. Great presenting copy with some fantastic PCH interiors THREAD IS CLOSED
  11. Startling Terror Tales #7 (3.5-4.0) CR/OW a tiny chip at the top center of the front cover, a small tanning spot in the top left corner of the front cover, some dings, small creases and a few tiny tears throughout the front and back covers, small amount of paper loss on the front cover by the giant eyeball staples are firm, nice presenting copy of a great LB Cole book $275 SOLD
  12. VOODOO #10 VG/FN (5.0) A VERY TOUGH FARRELL WITH AN AWESOME EYEBALL GIANT CLAW COVER. The cover is pulled from the staples but both staples are still attached, the staples are tight throughout the book, the pages are OW with some outer areas being closer to CR/OW, some spine stress, some tiny tears along the outside edge of the front cover, very nice dark color strike for the cover, has very strong eye appeal for the assigned grade, only 4 copies on the CGC census. My CGC 7.5 copy recently closed at $3500 on CLINK, and I thought this copy had stronger eye appeal THREAD IS CLOSED
  13. WEIRD TERROR #13 VG (4.0) OW 3" color breaking crease on the upper left side of the back cover. "W" written in grease pencil on the upper left side of the front cover THREAD IS CLOSED
  14. WORLDS OF FEAR #6 VG/FN (5.0) CR/OW small crease in the upper right side of the front cover. A small blunted ding of the lower back cover towards the spine $150
  15. BEYOND #15 VG/FN (5.0) Really nice presenting copy for the assigned grade. THREAD IS CLOSED
  16. WEIRD FANTASY #17 VG/FN (5.0) CR/OW Some light creasing at the top and bottom of the back cover. slight spine stress, and a slight spine roll. Some tanning on the right center location of the back cover. Great presenting copy, unpressed. THREAD IS CLOSED
  17. JOURNEY INTO UNKNOWN WORLDS #26 GD+ (2.5) Great eye appeal for the assigned grade. Very tough Atlas horror book in any grade $125 SOLD
  18. Beyond #17 VG/FN (5.0) OW Sharp looking copy for the grade. Some finger bends at the upper and lower outside corner of the book. Light creases in the lower right side of the front cover. THREAD IS CLOSED
  19. Journey Into Fear #7 FN+ (6.5) OW Very tight presenting copy. Some faint color breaking creases on the lower right of the front cover. Tights staples. Fantastic interior PCH stories $450 SOLD
  20. Witches Tales #13 FN/VF (7.0) CR/OW small chip out of a page doesn't affect he art or story. Sharp presenting copy. I was told it was a File Copy, but I don't have any provenance to prove that. THREAD IS CLOSED
  21. Uncanny Tales #5 cracked out of a CGC 5.0 OW/W slab, the label is included. Dynamic Russ Heath cover! THREAD IS CLOSED