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  1. Looks like a real early signature !
  2. I got one recently too. Not a 9.9 like Darrell. But I like it none the less
  3. to dealers or anyone that have a bunch of books for Jeph Loeb *(10 or more. Please contact me directly for specifics as i will be handling the signings for him) we will have the signing prior to the fanexpo signings on sat and sun. thanks ! see you guys in dallas in a few days !
  4. nelson. please relay a message to ray lago for me. i commissioned him over 25+ years ago. please remind him im still waiting for the pieces im serious.
  5. was also published in an issue of marvel age promoting ASM 300
  6. yes. give bird a shot. he has cought several pieces from me and it was always a pleasant experience. i have a few mignola pieces myself.,,,when i get a chance, i hope to add some images here.
  7. last minute decision. but ill be there. roaming around looking for cool stuff. i will have a couple of portfolios full of art with me too !
  8. Thanks man i am enjoying BOTH of em. i just sold one via PM as for the people eating crow ? not necessary.............just hard to believe, but nothing is impossible.
  9. as long as we are are two sketches i recently got
  10. i only have 3. so again. i dont know who you are referring to ? i just cant believe you experts can tell if a book is fake by a couple of iphone pics. that being said....mine are the real deal ! anyways.......i took a quick drive to cgc this past weekend and used their walk thru service. i got mine back from cgc today. i hope you guys like the scans. sorry about the watermark guys.
  11. no problem guys. i get it. these books are valuable. its hard to believe a guy had 3 of them. rare ? yes. impossible ? nope. yes i have pics that i took.....but since there is a question about authenticity................i will not post them until i hear back from cgc so lets wait until cgc gets em in the mail next week. i am fairly certain these are all legit. but who knows? for the people who showed concern ? thank you..............i will be able to get my artwork back. so no real worries there. to answer all the PM's here. ONLY when i get them back from cgc and they are 100% legit ? yes. they will be for sale.
  12. just got these in a trade for some artwork