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  1. Artgerm Will end up selling all the Artgerm and Derrick Chews. PM me here or my website. thanks !
  2. gotcha ! i wonder who from marvel reached out ? oh well. thanks for the info. i wonder if anyone has gotten the sdcc b/w surfer and or d23 b/w variants graded ? or do they plan on it. i actually spoke to a person who got the sdcc b/w surfer varaint and he said that the copy he got was "dinged". i told him to get it graded anyway. he said he decided not to.
  3. i would be interested in knowing how this sale came about ? can we confirm this ? if these books were only given to 30 "superfans 6k is a lot for this book imo
  4. yes. steven.......i am looking for the original art. thanks tho ! at least you tried.
  5. any one have any leads on either one of these pieces ? even if not for sale, i would like to at least account for them. these are 2 posters that came out in the early 90's thanks !
  6. a couple of pieces dropped off at cgc booth during the SDCC 2019 Jon J Muth Kent Williams Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Alan Davis
  7. Thanks for posting it ! a very interesting read................ not sure of what i make of it just yet.................
  8. Maniesto ? anyone have an idea of what this manifesto is ?
  9. Looks like a real early signature !
  10. I got one recently too. Not a 9.9 like Darrell. But I like it none the less
  11. to dealers or anyone that have a bunch of books for Jeph Loeb *(10 or more. Please contact me directly for specifics as i will be handling the signings for him) we will have the signing prior to the fanexpo signings on sat and sun. thanks ! see you guys in dallas in a few days !
  12. nelson. please relay a message to ray lago for me. i commissioned him over 25+ years ago. please remind him im still waiting for the pieces im serious.