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  1. Title says it all. Looking for Hard Boiled issue # 3 signed or unsigned/ graded or raw. PM me. thanks !
  2. sorry dude, sold it shortly after i posted the 9.8 slab
  3. i have a buddy looking for some batman issues. graded or non graded is fine. hes looking for issues 301 to 315 PM me with scans and prices.
  4. finally got it back from CGC..........his first Punchline sketch cover ~ ! ! ! Now who wants it ?
  5. been quiet here. so i figure i would show off his punchline on the day batman #92 hit the stands. book is currently at cgc waiting for the 9.8 grade
  6. got two out of the 5 left ! anyone ?
  7. some artists spray their pencil art and some dont. really depends on the artist. when buying an all pencil page....ask the artist. they should be able to remember if they sprayed the piece or not. you will be able to tell if the page has been sprayed. there is a certain luster/texture that you can see on the page.
  8. Chris Bachalo. All came back 9.8 !!!
  9. who is lynn varney ? i think you mean varley right ?