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  1. If you're going to get them graded immediately I would sell them immediately but I would just hold on to about 5 or so copies of each store copy that you get and just hang on to them. If you're in no hurry to sell them just keep them raw for a while.
  2. I'm a big fan of these covers Sidenote - there are like 150+ store versions (along with a retail copy) of this cover - all of which have different logos in the broken window. It's a cool cover but not necessarily high dollar investment long term as it's technically a reprint. However, there are limited copies of each one so if you could get a handful and store them away there will be some completist collectors down the road who will want them (so store them well and just be patient).
  3. The only problem I see in that scenario is that the case would definitely receive damage if it fell that far which would be difficult to hide from a potential buyer. But it is possible to have a book be damaged in the slab and a seller not disclose that without the slab itself being damaged...just unlikely in the falling 10 feet scenario. I'm as OCD as they come and if I buy a 9.8 and disagree with CGC's grade I don't blame the seller who sold it to me. Instead I either keep it and live with it or I resell it later and buy one I'm happy with. If you're not happy with it I totally understand not wanting to keep it. Did you ask the seller before you bid/purchased for more pics of the slab before you paid for it? I'd recommend doing that always beforehand to ensure your happiness with the book and the grade...especially for books to keep in your forever collection you know?
  4. Bump! Willing to pay HIGHER than FMV on these remaining pages and cover (whether I can get them alone or in wraps - I'm good with both options)! If you're up for selling any of these please let me know! I'm open to pages with tape or slightly trimmed edges (but no pieces added in from reprints or such) so if you have one with restoration I'm open to the possibility of that, too! So hit me up, please, if you have any for sale or are willing to part with them!
  5. If I'm not mistaken the USPS Registry option is the only option to insure higher than $100 per package unless maybe if you use your own FedEx account - if so there might be an option to insure it for the value of the package. In almost every case I use USPS Registered Mail. It's slower but comes with way more peace of mind...
  6. This might deserve it's own may just be a busy time for everyone at CGC.
  7. Still looking for the above pages and I'm willing to pay above FMV for these so if you have any or know of any leads please let me know!!!
  8. I can totally see this still getting a 9.8 based on the numerous books I've gotten back with what appear to be similar flaws (It looks like a bindery chip of which CGC seems to forgive). I don't see any signs of SCS and it doesn't look like it's possible for the top left corner to hit anything while encapsulated (at least in that slab) - the SCS I see occurs more at the staples than anywhere. That being said, if I owned that same book raw I'd be hesitant to submit it as a 9.8 for the same 'chip' I referenced...I'm just basing it on what I've seen on many I've gotten back myself. To the OP - Is it not a crunch but instead a tiny tear (like a bindery chip)? it looks like a chip on the top and bottom corners of the spine...with this being a black cover you see these much better and they stand out more, unfortunately. Just my as I appear to be in the minority of this opinion already
  9. If you have any that I need or if I can talk you into selling one of yours that I need please hit me up! Still looking and still very patient
  10. This is one of my few non TWD books in 9.9 - I enjoy it quite a bit as I grew up reading the 2099 runs!
  11. Still looking! Hit me up if you have any of the above for sale (see first post for the ones I need in wrap or single page form)!
  12. THREAD CLOSED - OFF TO EBAY! Welcome to Sensei Ryan's humble THE WALKING DEAD sales thread! Rules 1. No HOS members, members on probation (probies), or other baddies. 2. I accept PAYPAL only at this time. Payment must be received within 48 hours (all items will be shipped out to you within 48 hours of receiving payment as well). 3. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Insured Mail with Tracking and is INCLUDED in the sales prices for CONUS buyers only that are agreed upon for the books (either with purchased outright or with best offer). Sorry but no international sales at this time (unless we've done business before). 4. Conditional trumps any and all negotiations via PM. Once I have confirmed a purchase via PM, however, the item will be considered sold and off the market. 5. If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me I do not have a kudos thread on here but I do have 2 eBay accounts (1 with 2,200+ positive feedback ratings with no negatives and another with 240+ positive feedback ratings with no negatives). Please PM me if you need these usernames or would like any references. Typically I'm a buyer on the boards but I'm selling a couple of extra books, hence, this sales thread. 6. No returns on these items (please PM me with any questions before purchase). Here we go… The Walking Dead #100 Red Foil Edition SS CGC 9.8 (Signed by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard) with a custom NEGAN CGC label - $1,550 or best offer! Only 22 signed copies on the census - HIGHEST GRADED - arguably the most sought after copy of Walking Dead #100 including the 1st appearance of NEGAN & LUCILLE & the death of GLENN! Get it now before NEGAN hits the big screen! WE ARE NEGAN! That's it for now - PM me with any questions!!!
  13. I'm going to go with the possibility that this could have been slightly photo-shopped as someone mentioned above...even the 2nd slightly better picture looks off somehow and to me there is no way that this level of damage - like the same above poster said - could have happened in the slab.