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  1. I can see how this would be frustrating, but how would they get the Cert # unless it was someone from CGC? Have you posted the pics on Facebook or somewhere that it could be stolen? Unless someone guessed a # for that particular slot - which is doubtful - this is an odd issue to have. You could PM an admin about it but it may be a while before you hear back. If PM-ing doesn't work, call CGC and ask how someone else could have that #.
  2. I know what you mean and what I say confuses people every time Here is a link to my set so you can see what I mean: My Set I include pics in the actual set description and the only way to do this is to us HTML which is difficult to figure out for someone like me who has zero experience in it. Uploading pics into the slots is easy and that you don't need a third party image hosting site like PB but to put them in the actual description, sadly, you do. If CGC would let us use it like we could a word doc or something then PB would quickly become a thing of the past for me. Hopefully this makes more sense
  3. Just to update everyone - my PB seems to be back up and running but I've noticed a ton of pop up video ads. I've not tried to embed any new pics yet but plan to do so in the near future and hopefully it will be as easy as it use to be but time will tell. When PB works I am happy to use it but this is the 2nd problem I've had in 6-7 months so overall that's not terrible, I guess. I only use PB literally for embedding pics into my registry set descriptions so if CGC could find a way for us to 'decorate' our sets more easily I wouldn't have had to teach myself basic html or use PB
  4. Hello - can we please get the following issues added to the following sets? Set: Walking Dead (2003 Complete with Variants) Walking Dead: The Alien #nn Local Comic Shop Day Edition added. CGC has only graded this variant. Walking Dead #1 The Last Wine Variant. This book cannot be added at this time. It has yet to be graded by CGC and the variant was only available, initially, produced for a wine company and packaged with their products. This may end up being too rare of an item to add to the set as it may not be possible for others to obtain. I suggest that we revisit this one later on down the road. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Set: Walking Dead (2003) Walking Dead: The Alien #nn Local Comic Shop Day Edition added. CGC has only graded this variant. This request was made a while back in the 2019 thread but was skipped over from what looks to be a couple of times. Both books are valid as one contains storyline material (The Alien) and the other is a reprint of #1. Please consider adding these issues to the following sets as graded copies of both have shown up on the secondary market. Thank you for the time and consideration! Ryan
  5. Anyone on here want to chime in on who the registry admins are that we can go to when we need assistance? I'd like to know myself but surely I'm not the only one who is curious about this...
  6. Hey Shannon, I've not seen any copies of "the Alien" hit ebay yet but I can see at least one has been graded. From what I understand, also, it was confirmed that Robert Kirkman said that the story is part of TWD universe, even if it was a standalone issue outside of Rick & co in the US. Based on this information, I think it would be okay to go ahead and add it to both the Walking Dead Complete with Variants set along with the Walking Dead complete non-variant set. As far as The Last Wine variant is concerned, it's a reprint of #1 and I've seen at least one graded copy hit eBay so I know it's on the census. It should be added to the Complete with Variants set, only, however as it's just another #1 reprint. Thanks for your help with the set additions!!! We all appreciate what you do for us collectors! Ryan
  7. Hey everyone! Since Mollie left I've noticed that we still have registry set additions and changes and such but I don't think there was ever a thread introducing who the new Admins in charge of helping us with the additions/score corrections/new set creations are. I've figured out that Shannon C is one but could we possibly get an intro thread as to who the specific admins we can PM when we have issues are? I've had a few issues of my own that I'm still trying to get fixed and I'm sure the holidays are what is holding it up but it would be nice to get an intro thread maybe to direct us where to take our PMs to in case of situations like this so we could avoid creating new threads. Oh, and Happy New Year / Happy New Decade, everyone!
  8. Still looking! Please hit me up if you have any of the remaining ones that I need from my list (see post #1)!
  9. I appreciate the info - I thought that was the case as my pics are all still the little white boxes. This is frustrating as I'm sure we won't get any kind of partial refund for our paid accounts - but we should. I would just like an estimate from them as to when they expect it to be completely up and running again...
  10. Hey Lizards2, so do you know if they plan to fix what we had and restore it to normal or will we have to reupload what pics we already had stored? My embedded posts in my registry set are still ‘down’ so if I need to start over I will. When I look at my PB library all the pics seem unavailable still...and just don’t know if I should keep waiting and hoping they’ll fix it or start over.
  11. Thank you for the update, Lizards2 - I had trouble with them over the summer when I paid but was still receiving watermarks on my embedded pics on my registry set so I was worried I was going to have to go through that nightmare of customer service again. I appreciate the info and hope they get up and rolling again soon!
  12. So I use photobucket solely to host images in my CGC registry set descriptions (not for the picture uploads with my comics in the sets but for the pictures embedded in the look of my registry set description). It's been down for the past few days...and on the website page it states 'most of the users have had their accounts fixed.' I was curious if anyone else is dealing with this or if it's just me because dealing with PB customer support is way more than lackluster...and my account is still completely down as all the pictures in it are not gone but 'blank.' Thoughts? Here is the link to my registry set so you can see the issue I'm discussing...note the missing pictures.
  13. I also would like these added, but instead of the placement you suggested I think they'd go better after the Walking Dead Skybound 5th Anniversary Blue Sketch Cover, simply because that section starting with Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Edition 1 through the Walking Dead Skybound 5th Anniversary Blue Sketch Cover seems to be alphabetical, and the two you suggested being added technically start with 't' for The. Also, the most recent addition of 'Walking Dead Day Special' is included in that group so it just seemed logical to put these close to it, too. Not that it matters where they go, ultimately, as long as they are added...but I just thought this would be a good placement alternative. But if they get added in the places where Stephen suggested I'm totally good with that, FWIW.
  14. X does not mark the spot with this'll want to make the new set request here: New Set Request Thread (make new set requests here) Welcome back to the boards!