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  1. In the original post the CGC rep states that they won't grade anything with detached pages that could move around in the holder - I haven't seen his book so maybe missing the back cover as well its why they wouldn't grade it but I just sold a golden age book that the interior was entirely detached and completely split with brittle pages, to boot. To me, why would they encapsulate that book (the one I sold) and not the OP of the other thread? I'm assuming I'd have to see his book in person to understand it but it just made me wonder why it could have been rejected...
  2. Hey everyone! I have a unique question. I saw a post in the 'ask CGC' forum where a recent submitter had a book rejected because the pages were loose in one of his books he subbed. His response from a CGC rep was that they do not grade books with detached pages: Thread in question My question is, I've seen numerous slabs with the centerfold detached, cover detached, multiple inner wraps detached, am I crazy in thinking that this book that the submitter had rejected wasn't for that reason but for a different reason entirely maybe? I've also seen slabs with a front cover - missing back, I thought I'd ask the group for their thoughts and insight...
  3. No, I mean above in the text box (the 0.5 missing the 4 center wraps that sold for 39K) - do you have a pic of that one you could post? NVM I found it - My bad...
  4. Hey - do you have the link to the above (or can you post a pic of it if you can find it)? I'd be interested to see it if so!
  5. What 'them' are you referring to, CGC graders or the potential buyers of a comic? Either way, I would want to know if something were trimmed, scraped, color-touched, etc. Some of the restoration removal books scream that the 'removal' has occurred and I'd rather have just had a PLOD instead of the now further damaged book in a higher Universal label (in some cases, that is). However, I agree with you on the rest of your statements. I'd prefer not to have a book with resto if at all possible but I don't think the full negative stigma that the PLOD's get is warranted. A key is a key but the PLODs and GLODs command way less than they should, IMO.
  6. They also come in yellow from what I've seen...but regardless, this was a QC issue and they should have denied the custom labels for the books that have trimming since they are supposed to receive purple restored, correct? Base on what you quoted earlier, this is a QC issue that they missed and the custom label slipped through the cracks allowing a blue label.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm selling tons of Green Lantern 1990's lots (almost a complete set) + some 2003 Green Lantern lots + some miscellaneous X-Men lots all at auction ending tomorrow night! Also I have TONS of graded Thief of Thieves CGC 9.8/9.9/10.0 books for sale as well. Check them out - feel free to bid if you see any you like! Green Lantern + Miscellaneous X-Men + Thief of Thieves + MORE!
  8. So based on that post, these blue Universal labels with trimming noted that we're seeing slip through are quality control issues and instead should be receiving purple restored labels?
  9. Hey everyone! I just updated my paying prices on the final pages/back cover I'm looking for so if you have any leads on those last puzzle pieces please feel free to let me know! Feel free to check out my custom set showcasing my work thus far! See below if interested! Sensei Ryan's Captain America Comics #1 Set (a work in progress) Thanks to all of you who have helped me in this along the way! I appreciate you all tremendously! Ryan
  10. If trimming is considered restoration, wouldn't restoration removal (scraping off color touch, for example) also be a form of restoration? IE restoring to the 'used' condition pre-color touch? Cutting out pieces of a book is a trim, too, right? I would just prefer some consistency with the labels - if trim gets a purple label, why are we now seeing some blue labels with trimming noted (even when it's a purple label the trim is noted so is the norm now to get a blue label with just a notation of trimming)?
  11. It appears to be attached with some tape (I can see tape at the top and bottom of the spine in the pic)...
  12. Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Tony Moore I know some of the above have already been mentioned but this (see above) is what I'd like to see happen!