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  1. There's been a thread on this very same topic in the Modern section for at least a's a good read and worth the time...check it out!
  2. This is why I most likely would never ever buy a raw silver age key on eBay unless I knew and trusted the seller with the utmost of confidence. CGC pre-slabbed books for SA keys all the way! May be more $ but peace of mind for avoiding situations like this.
  3. You need to post this in the B/S/T section (copper/modern to be specific) - this is just the 'modern' section.
  4. Also, I 100% agree with you that I'd hate to see extended bidding come to eBay but a happy medium would be a one-time extended bidding thing so it wouldn't keep happening over and over like on MCS or CC so that way you can still 'snipe' just not till after the first wave of extended bidding. TBH I'd hate that, too, but it would be better than the change. I also hate it when people let about 2:45 pass on the 3 minute extension and then's almost like it's done to 'taunt' the other bidders when they could just save everyone the time of waiting and do it immediately.
  5. How have the auctions died away on eBay? Are you just saying there are a lot less auctions compared to BIN fixed price listings? I ask because I see auctions all the time - I just see many of them start at higher prices and not the .99 cent ones (those I have definitely seen tons less of).
  6. What I want to know is, why did it take an entire page of posts before I saw someone post 'tree fiddy?' Back in the day it would be the first or second reply... What's the world comin' to these days
  7. You heard it hear first! Unless there's a thread somewhere else on here about it Either way... I hope Lily Caul makes her TV debut finally in this one!!!
  8. Hey Mollie, Can you please add to the Walking Dead (2003 Complete with Variants) and the Walking Dead (2003) sets the following issue? Walking Dead #190 Thank you! Ryan I added the slots to the sets, but can't add the book because none have shipped out. So, they don't exist in the system. When you get the book back, add to the empty slot, it will fail, leave it be, and I will adjust accordingly. I understand you are just trying to get a jump on things, but in the future, try to avoid this, so I don't have to visit one request twice. thanks, -m.
  9. Hey Mollie, Can you please add to the Walking Dead (2003 Complete with Variants) Set the following issue? Walking Dead 15th Anniversary Edition #1 Strange Adventures Edition Thank you! Ryan
  10. I'm gonna take a stab at some of these...(see below for my responses in bold...) Why didn't people have hats and gloves on? Because in the US we don't wear white after Labor Day and it's such a faux pas to do that IN SNOW, my friend...because snow IS WHITE! Can we say, clash-fest?!?!? Have you ever tried finding white gloves or hats in a snow storm? It's not fun...not fun at all. Why did Negan give Judith a coat when they could have just gone inside the bloody building instead of sitting outside it? First off, who wants to go inside a building filled with Blood??? This ain't Twilight and it definitely ain't "NOS4A2" or whatever the new show is about vampires and Christmas Land. Also, had Negan taken Judith inside a building filled with blood it would have traumatized the poor girl and she's already lost her adopted dad, her biological dad, her brother, her mom, and her pet turtle. LEAVE POOR JUDITH ALONE! Why leave the kingdom in a blizzard? Because it's better than leaving during a tornado. Blizzards < Tornados. Do the math! Why build a radio system if it's not manned? Where are they going to get someone to sit in front of a radio 24/7 when they don't have enough people to even field a recreational softball team? Priorities. Think about it...would you rather sit in front of a radio all day or catch grounders? Exactly. Sidenote...I feel the term 'personed' would have been more PC in this query...after all, it's 2019 and a woman could just as easily run that radio. Consider the audience here...girls watch TWD, too, you know. If I was Maggie, I'd stay wherever she was...She's over on ABC at the moment and they're owned by Disney...just fyi. I'm sad the season is over and can't wait for Game of Thrones to help pass the time till next season of FTWD and TWD season 10. I'm so ready for Negan to get more playing time with the others and can't wait to see his character develop more on the show (and I wish he'd come back in the comics ASAP)...issue #200, perhaps???
  11. This was for the Peruvian copy, too - so it's a foreign edition reprint - not sure of any 9.9's that exist of it at all tbh...