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  1. Can you give a specific issue with an example? Are you talking photo covers? One I know off hand is Sub-mariner 7
  2. I place bids in heritage auctions to watch the price the books go for. I know I can just do the tracking but im sure heritage does not mind bid count going up. anyway placed $125 on a raw spidey 50 in fine + and won it hulk cgc 2.5 placed $125 bid and won it also 8 western penn raw Iron mans aced a $80 bid and won it. this happened about 4 years ago. I kept the hulk but flipped everything else for double what I paid including shipping wish I still had spidey 50 it was a bargain price
  3. I have 2 Tales to Asonish 88 cgc 8.5 and 99 cgc 9.6
  4. I dont have the ad pics. but my sub-mariner 36 1950s as one ad selling pills to loose wait. and mentions that the kids will eat them like lollies
  5. 3.0 - 3.5 tear in front cover right hand edge. water damage back cover with rusted staples
  6. so save and have a budget and a grade you are happy with. But if an opportunity comes up for a bargain book. or better still a vargain upgrade of a grail. go for it.
  7. grails are good to get. my price range is under $400. And I managed to pick up an Avengers 1 for $200. And was happy with the 1.5 copy. Then a copy appeared a year later. A raw fine condition book that my Lcs was selling for a collector who owned the book for many years and just wanted their money back. It was priced as a Vg so I moved out of my comfort zone and paid $1250 for it. the avengers movie was coming out and book came back 6.5 offwhite blue label. sold my lower grade to help with cost and ended up with a nice condition book for a very good price.
  8. Pressing Ha, pro pressing mob nut up and press that church copy of det 27 as it is not aligned as good as the Allentown copy. Seriously if the owners of the big books are ok with pressing their high grade multi million dollar book then it's ok to get that 1 point bump up on that Aquaman 11 for the quick flip
  9. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane 70 1st Cat woman in silver age
  10. To think I sold my NM 98 newsstand Australian edition with the 1.50 cover price for $80 . Oh well it did just cost me a buck fifty off the stands. Now that edition would be worth way more in top grade then a direct sales one .
  11. Non key 60s pedigree books that are not the highest in cgc census go for same price as a non pedigree. Why I target them. I want more pedigrees then a dog show