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  1. There will be a few, one time, private collector sellers as well. Duncanville, Monster's Lair and Black Cat always have a great variety of books. Collected will probably bring some heat as well. The room is between 65-70% comic dealers so there will be something for everyone.
  2. A few last minute adds to our guest list. Hope to see some boardies at the show. @mysterio are you helping your brother out? Ok, so we have added MICHAEL LARK, Amazing Spider-Man, Lazarus, Daredevil, JAVIER SALTARES, Ghost Rider, and TONE RODRIGUEZ, Bongo Comics. Hope to see a few of you at the end of the month.
  3. We have added DANIEL GREEN to the show in June. Dan has a plethora of credits including The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and more. More show info.
  4. NEW GUEST ADDED! We are proud to announce, in conjunction with Big Time Collectibles, that we will be hosting the FIRST U.S. appearance of artist DEXTER SOY. Dexter is currently working on the Batman & The Outsiders title and past work includes Captain Marvel and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Looking forward to seeing you at our show on June 29th & 30th at the Irving Convention Center in Dallas. Also, there are just a couple of tickets left for the Jim Shooter dinner (limited to 15 guests) on Saturday June 29th. Visit our website.
  5. NEW GUESTS ADDED! VAL MAYERIK, co-creator of Howard The Duck, and JAMES O'BARR, creator of The Crow, have been added to our event on June 29th & 30th.
  6. NEW GUESTS ADDED! Kevin Maguire, Justice League, Batman Confidential and Don McGregor, Jungle Action, Black Panther, Nathaniel Dusk, have been added to our show on June 29th & 30th!
  7. We have added a few folks: ALITHA MARTINEZ, started in the business as an assistant to Joe Quesada and has worked on Iron Man and Black Panther, PETER DAVID, Incredible Hulk, and new Marvel series Symbiote Spider-Man, writer, KERRY GAMMILL, Superman artist. More to come.
  8. We have added Bob Budiansky (Ghost Rider, Transformers, and Sleepwalker) and Jim Calafiore (Exiles, Aquaman) to June's show. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, March 16th, and JIM SHOOTER Dinner tickets will be available at 1 pm sharp. More info at
  9. MARK BAGLEY has been added to June's event. Thunderbolts and New Warriors fans will now be able to grab autographs for both Mark and Fabian in one fell swoop. More guests to be announced.
  10. The next North Texas Comic Book Show will be held June 29th and 30th at the Irving Convention Center in Dallas. We've made some early guest announcements and more are coming. Want a true, back to the early days of Fandom, comic con? We've got it! Our motto: Putting Comics Back Into Comic Cons! First announcements include: JIM SHOOTER - one of, if not the, foremost living authority on Marvel Comics. FABIAN NICIEZA - writer, co-creator of Deadpool. PETER DAVID - Incredible Hulk and the new Symbiote Spider-Man series. BRETT BREEDING - FIRST Dallas appearance, Superman. SAM DE LA ROSA - inker on titles including Venom Lethal Protector and Black Panther. MARK BAGLEY - Amazing Spider-Man, Venom: Lethal Protector BOB BUDIANSKY - Ghost Rider, Sleepwalker, Transformers JIM CALAFIORE - Exiles, Aquaman ALITHA MARTINEZ - Iron Man and Black Panther. KERRY GAMMILL - Superman. KEVIN MAGUIRE - Justice League, Batman Confidential DON McGREGOR - Black Panther, Nathaniel Dusk, Sabre VAL MAYERIK - co-creator of Howard The Duck JAMES O'BARR - creator of The Crow DEXTER SOY - FIRST U.S. APPEARANCE - artist on Red Hood and the Outlaws, Captain Marvel, the hot, new Batman & The Outsiders. DAN GREEN - inker, Avengers 195, Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and more. MICHAEL LARK - penciler, Lazarus, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil JAVIER SALTARES - penciler, Ghost Rider TONE RODRIGUEZ Tickets $25 Saturday and $20 Sunday, Special Jim Shooter dinner on June 29th limited to 15 people. Keep current by following us on Facebook or visiting our website.
  11. We're just over a week away. Randy Emberlin has been posting photos of some of his pre-show comissions. Thought I would share this one. Someone will be getting a nice piece of art next weekend at the North Texas Comic Book Show!
  12. Marvel, DC, and Rick & Morty sketch card artist Steve Lydic added to February's show. Final Texas appearance for Tugg The Bull Terrier too. This show may have gone to the dogs. See you in a few weeks.
  13. @Supraman16 CGC will be represented by @Dork Buzz and Desert Wind Comics so you can contact them. Might be more fun to head to Dallas for a few days but if you can't do that then you have options.
  14. A couple of quick items: 1. We have set up sketch commission pre-order pages on our site FOR RANDY EMBERLIN and FOR AL MILGROM. If you want to make sure that you don't get closed out on their sketch lists at the show this might be the way to go. 2. Big Time Collectibles will have a North Texas Comic Book Show EXCLUSIVE cover, and limited copies, for Rejected #1. The comic is sold out everywhere, low volume, and this may be your last chance to snag a copy. Stop by their booth at the show.