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  1. congrats on a beautiful copy ---- and maybe it's just I've not read it previously but what's up with creepy 5 fingers plus thumb?
  2. yes - a tear in the back cover and 4 additional pages - I was thinking it was a great looking 3.5 - so far the first opinion is a 3.0
  3. Howdy - here's one I haven't seen on these pages for quite a while... I posted in the Buddy Can You Spare a Grade - please chime in if you have time. thanks
  4. Hi friends, Does anybody have thoughts on books that have tears through multiple pages? I have a structurally sound square bound book - but there are some tears through the back cover and 4 pages All thoughts are much appreciated.
  5. a neat range of books here - and I love how you did your layout! clearly, I have more to learn on how to make an efficient thread.
  6. an odd response indeed - but... he may be wanting to thwart someone from taking his scans and 'reprinting' them as an unpublished story. if he doesn't have the technical skills to add a digital watermark - he could place a piece of paper covering up a portion of each page. This could protect his concerns and give you some assurance of the quality and their existence (you could also ask him to take a picture with the current date handwritten so you know the pictures to be new)
  7. WOW WOW WOW this is (one reason) why I'm selling books.... I need to start buying more like this! glwts
  8. Bizarre Near Set $2500. 17 out of 23 issues --- this is what it cost me to assemble these over the last 6 years. These are the original digest size. half the value is in issue 6, 10 and 14 this lot may not fit here so let me know if I should pull it and put it on ebay. but thought it might be worth introducing this artist to fellow GGA fans While not full of illustrations - the ones that are in here will knock your socks off! I'm happy to send more photos through Private Message Bizarre magazine began in late 1945, "while Coutts was living in Canada.[1] He published the magazine under the pseudonym of John Willie a name he kept for the duration of his career. Willie was introduced to the American fetish underground by Charles Guyette and later worked with Irving Klaw the infamous BDSM merchandiser later charged with obscenity but he is best known for his fetish cartoon character Sweet Gwendoline which he drew in a clear censored to U89 in some editions the raven-haired dominatrix who ties up Gwendoline and Sir Dystic d'Arcy the only prominent male character and probably a parody of Willie himself.[6] Sweet Gwendoline was published as a serial in Robert Harrison's mainstream girlie magazine Wink from June 1947 to February 1950. Bizarre was published at somewhat irregular intervals from 1946 to 1959 and while no original art exists from Willie - as he burned it all himself - I do have a dozen pages of PMT (photo mechanical transfer) art of Sweet Gwendoline - that came directly from the Irving Klaw estate if anybody is interested let me know
  9. Diary Secrets 26. $1400. not sure how to price this one... if you have an undercopy to trade I'd be very open to talking MpGHA -- Great Horse Art Presents very well front the front - especially if you like date stamps - too bad the back cover has a small piece out and major discolouration Tear on right side of cover Bottom staple detached at the centrefold 5 on census
  10. Weird Tales from the Future $320 huge tear on across the front cover and a smaller tear along the bottom of the spine simply great art
  11. Wartime Romances 14. $245 hard to see the small tear on the back cover and the tape pull - so look at the pics closely or ask for more - I'm happy to add some.
  12. Untamed Love 4 $75 The Illusion of Rapture - House of Torment and Treacherous Desire all in one issue!
  13. TipTop Comics52. 1936. $50 hard to see on the scan but there is tape from top to bottom on the spine and facing edge and even more on the bottom I think I'll reread these Tarzan pages now.
  14. Teenage Temptations 4 $220 Obviously not in great shape but a harder one from the title in my experience. miscut - ragged edge, small piece out of cover - staples are somehow holding on.
  15. Teenage Romances 1 $900 one of my top 5 favourite covers - I'll just have to be happy with my undercopy for if this one sells. priced higher than GPA - but I was surprised to see that