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  1. Well, she did tell him to keep himself occupied.
  2. So what about the confusing appearances of Sgt Rock before OAAW 83? What's real verses prototype?
  3. For some reason I suddenly have the urge to watch The Birdcage tonight
  4. That is absolutely a Christmas miracle. I learned all about the widow maker this summer when I had 4 stints put in and they discovered mine was 75% blocked. Im glad she's ok now.
  5. A big thanks to @aszumilo for the sweet reads! The precode horror and crime HCs were a special treat since thats some of my favorite genres. If I didn't have to spend all day putting together a foosball table I would be tucked away in my comic room reading these gifts. Maybe tonight. Merry Christmas!
  6. Mailed mine out today. It should get there easily before Christmas if the postal system does its job. On the other hand I finally received my moms happy thanksgiving card last week...and she only lives 20 miles away.