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  1. Power just went out to a sizable portion of my city. Probably a transfer station problem. So here we sit. Supper was half cooked. The girls hadn't finished carving the pumpkin. All houses are dark.
  2. Yeah I know. I wanted to get over there all weekend but couldn't until loadout. Gene brought the goods.
  3. It was a great show for me. Sales were strong, especially Friday and Sunday. I want to thank all the boardies and dealers who stopped by. I will certainly be back next year.
  4. And the hits just keep on coming!
  5. Murph's Comics will be at booth 306. Stop by and visit.
  6. FWIW, and this may be old news, I just got my winnings delivered and there were no CLink stickers on the slabs...anywhere!!!
  7. Unless I'm mistaken the previous 9.6 of this book (same copy?) went for $18,000 on CLink a couple years ago when the JLA movie hype hit its peak with the talk that Flash and Supes will race in the film.
  8. Or, more importantly, how many oxygen tanks were needed?
  9. I keep hearing decent things about this con and it's location. I may have to visit next year.
  10. I have nothing new to add but I finally rewatched this last night on Netflix. It blew me away for the second time. If you've only seen it once I highly recommend a second viewing.
  11. Apparently it was really weird and messed up. Bloody disgusting review is below but NSFW.