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  1. Tidewater is also going on at Virginia Beach this weekend, the states biggest con. That's a boatload of shows at once.
  2. Well I finally broke down and saw it yesterday mainly because I want to see Endgame soon before someone spoils it for me. I'll agree with the general, definitely near the bottom of the Marvel movies. Nick's eye injury? Skrulls origin? Brie Lawson having an "attitude" and smirk in every single scene? The missed opportunities to involve Ronin more? Too many negatives to make it good
  3. Lots of boxes to dig through at Heroes con in Charlotte and Baltimore con
  4. Why? Because of the 30 minute rule? As you load in keep the lids on your boxes and cover them with a bed sheet. Once you are fully unloaded and moved your vehicle organize your booth and if anyone asks if they can remove the lids and look tell them you're not open yet, your not organized and would they please come back a little later. You're not lying. If you are still somewhat covered up 30 min before the show opens I doubt anyone will say anything to you as long as you're making an effort to get ready. There is a downside. You may be protecting yourself from the dealers you don't like but you are also stopping other dealers and collectors with a dealers pass from seeing your stuff. And that may mean lost sales and building relationships with customers you might want to work with in the future.
  5. Just got back. Excellent movie. Kept me interested all the way through. Also worth staying through the end credits