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  1. Last chance before I do my shipping this week, Im offering an additional 10% off all prices.
  2. Yeah I just want thumbnails that people can click on, can't seem to make that happen doing something wrong. To those who have purchased books they will be shipped tomorrow so if you want anything else please addd today, I only ship once a week, buy some more books and save some money I will be adding more books after tomorrows shipping, mostly large lots of dc and a ton of indy stuff and im going to lump them together in large lots to get rid of. -Andrew
  3. this was the only way I could think to do it so people saw all the books, but your prob right dont know how to make them all thumb nails though, i just pasted the scans in sorry
  4. Legion of Super Heroes 9.9 or 10 CGC Title sais it all, will trade for equal valued book anyone out there got one?
  5. MODS Can i start another thread I have a lot more comics to upload and its hard getting through all these
  6. Casaday spidey sketch book http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Amazing-Spiderman-648-9-6-SS-Rare-Sketch-by-CASSADAY-/262907767155?
  7. Tomorrow Ill try and upload the rest, try to , make lots of at least $200 otherwise I have to charge 30