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  1. Wow. Really didn't see this one going that high.
  2. Glad it finally arrived safe. My longest is December 8th, I am still waiting.
  3. Maryland is a mess. I have two items I am waiting and both stuck in MD for a month.
  4. I have seen more and more misrouting with so many shipments. I sent something to Chicago that somehow was sent to San Juan, Puerto Rico then eventually back to Chicago.
  5. Happy New year Matt! Please add to the Lucio Parrillo Cover Set. Vampirella Annual #1 3747902003 Red Sonja Atlantis Rises #1 2110834024 Thank you!
  6. Yeah, I have seen that regularly during this mess. I guess they are just pushing through the system and not taking time to scan as it moves through the process. This is what causes anxiety with some as you see it get to a certain point then nothing for 2 weeks then a scan from across the country. I actually had two packages I was waiting on get acceptance scans, then nothing for almost three weeks. I then get a text notification it was delivered in my mailbox, and boom it has arrived. Maybe the postal system is beta testing a new mail transporter system similar to Star Trek.
  7. Yeah, it is crazy how delayed things are for sure. I have been doing this a while and have never seen something like this. Hard to expect anything on time and Ebay, the Postal service and pretty much all sellers of goods have warnings of the delays all over their sites. Not sure how you are upset at not receiving a package in a week.
  8. I just had a case opened 10 minutes ago. Item was won on 12/22. Shipped 12/23 to South Carolina. Is in Florida distribution center as of the 26th and they have requested a refund via Ebay. Any idea how Ebay is handling these types of situations? I know it will arrive I mean unless you live under a rock you know mail is severely delayed.
  9. I have 2 that hit that facility in Detroit and have not updated since. I also see that anything I have that is coming through Georgia is also stuck in limbo.
  10. I have incoming packages approximately 12 or so that are now a month into their journey and no closer to being delivered. Their status' just say in transit arriving late and have for a month. I do see that stuff shipped last week is close to being delivered and moved through quickly. I have this picture in my mind of a the Indiana Jones warehouse but just full of packages.
  11. Matt, Please add this to the Keith Garvey Cover Set: Penny for Your Soul v4 #1 Comic Connection ""Naughty"" Edition 3757067007 Thank you! Slot added on 1/11/21. Thank you
  12. Matt, Please update the Parrillo cover set with the follow: Rorschach 1 Parrillo Variant Cover A 3757067001 Rorschach 1 Parrillo Variant Cover B 3757067002 Venom 30 Parrillo Variant Cover 3757067004 Thank you! Slots added on 1/11/21. Thank you
  13. Because that is intuitive. I am assuming no usability testing was done.