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  1. Great book. Congrats. High on my want list for sure.
  2. One of my favorites in the run. Congrats.
  3. Nice Witches Tales 5 today, and a Northford to top it off.
  4. +1. I have also noticed it is taking longer for books to be listed after they are delivered to CGC. For example I had books delivered on the 5th that have not shown on my invoice list yet. I don't remember that being the case in the past. May be related to them no longer listing books as "Received".
  5. M- Could you please add the following to the Keith Garvey Cover Set: The Musketeers #1 Variant Cover C (2012153003) Revenge of Wonderland #4 Showcase Edition (2019719003 I think this came back mislabeled as a SDCC book with wrong cover artist)) (If this book is not labeled correctly, please email me at mdavis@cgccomics.com. I want to get this fixed for you, and in the system, to avoid future issues.) Grimm Fairy Tales #v2 #25 Variant Cover J (2019719002) Red Agent: The Human Order #6 Variant Cover C (2015199003) Thank you!
  6. Beauty. This is at the Top of my Want/Grail list. Congrats!!
  7. Congrats! what a great rare book.
  8. And this one is just really pretty. This will be off to CGC for sure.
  9. Added another Witches tales this week and one I was looking for and missed out on a couple of weeks ago, but landed one.