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  1. :rulez:

    Rules are as usual:

    First  :takeit:wins over any negotiations unless the negotiations had been confirmed prior. 

    No Listers  HOS'ers or Probation List

    Payment: PayPal unless other arrangements made prior to purchase.

    Shipping: $15 USPS Priority with tracking and insurance for full amount of book USA buyers only unless we chat prior to sale. 

    Returns: No returns on CGC Graded books.  

    Please PM any questions, I may not be on later but will be early in the am. If I missed anything, please let me know and I will edit. 

    Thank you for looking. 


    Blue Bolt Weird Tales #115 CGC 3.5 Asking $1350  Now $1150

    (A 2.5 sold back in April for $1250) 








  2. 7 minutes ago, Donald Jack said:

    I didn't see any announcement, but I also had a "Scheduled for grading" invoice revert to "Received" and the inventory for that invoice was removed (or rather the hyperlink is no longer available.)

    Yes, that happened to 3 of my invoices also. I could see the detailed books listed the past couple of days and now I can't.

  3. Just looked to see a status of my submissions and it appears that the statuses have now gone back to the old Received, scheduled for grading etc. I had three invoices that were in "Grading/quality control" last night and are now showing "scheduled for Grading". Was there an announcement around this that I missed?




  4. 2 minutes ago, Point Five said:

    Aw man, those are great! Well done! :applause:

    I love that Journey into Fear #18... that's pretty close to jumping on my wantlist. Lately I've been diving deeper into the skeleton-leering-at-beautiful-girl sub-niche.

    Funny, I picked up a Out of the Shadows #9 in the exact same VG condition... the wear is so similar, it's almost hard to believe it's not the same copy. (In fact, I'm off to check my short box just in case. Can't be too careful.) (tsk)