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  1. Thanks for the pic. Yep, these are NOT exclusive and are just the ordinary 3rd printings that have been repacked.
  2. I have a bit of cash sitting in my PayPal account and am on the hunt for some rare Wolverine books and Hero Initiative sketches. I know this request is a bit of long shot, but I'm throwing it out there anyway. Looking for the following: RAW (any condition): Wolverine Vol 2: #75 (No Hologram Error) Wolverine Vol 2: #145 (Nabisco) Wolverine Vol 2: #145 (Bone Claw Error) Wolverine Vol 4: #310 (Platt sketch variant) Wolverine Vol 7: #1 (Mayhew Ultimate Edition) Wolverine Origins #1 (Wizard Authentic) Wolverine Origins #2 (Wizard Authentic) Wolverine: Weapon X #1 (Hero Initiative Blank... even if sketched on) Return of Wolverine #1 (InHyuk Lee Ultimate Edition) Return of Wolverine 1 (Art Adams X-Men Team) Wolverine/Shi #1 (Antiquities) Wolverine Magazine #1 - 4 Wolverine & The X-Men Magazine #1, 2 GRADED (any grade): Wolverine: Weapon X #1 Hero Initiative sketches Again, I have cash available and will pay more than fair prices. I have a ton of rare/desirable Wolverines to trade as well, in case anyone was interested (Complete Mini Series, Complete Vol 2, Vol 7 #1 C2E2 variant (low number), Komikai, Wakanda Wildside, Wolverine X-Men 4 Venomized, etc...). For the Hero Initiative sketches, I'm looking to build my collection. However, I'm also open to trades (plus cash, if necessary) on these in case anyone is looking for other HI books (Walking Dead, X-Men, Wonder Woman, TMNT, Hellboy, Captain America, Adventure Time, etc) or VetTix sketches.
  3. I'm not as familiar with these DC packs. Do they just bundle reprints, or are these Walmart exclusives like the primary book in the Marvel 3-packs? What is the UPC # on that book? For comparison, a 3rd print Batman #89 has UPC 761941341828-08913, where the 08913 at the end is the key differentiator.
  4. @Bobbyusc @Bobby Alexander @Bobby Brett-migration @Bobby Brown @BOBBY D-migration @Bobby Evans @Bobby Fraioli @Bobby G-migration @Bobby Hamilton-migration @Bobby Hull @bobby kinnett @bobby2-migration @Bobby22_8 @bobby34-migration @Bobby41 @bobby528 @Bobby78 @bobby79-migration @Bobby82 @bobby97801 @bobby97801-migration @bobbyak-migration @bobbyB-migration ... I can keep going...
  5. Look at the Mentions section.
  6. I just read through these first four pages of the thread. Did I miss the part where CGC or CCS is/was the owner of the book in question? Since they have no ownership stake in this book, it makes ZERO sense for them to disclose information regarding the book. They were commissioned to provide an impartial grade, which they have done. That is where their responsibility ends. In fact, it would be a breach of privacy for CGC to provide that information to anyone that is not the submitter of the book in the first place. So, to the OP's question... why stop at just requesting the pressing status of the book? Why not ask for the submitter's name, address, and phone number? While we're at it, let's pull their credit card information as well. The only party that can disclose whether the book has been pressed is the owner himself. Would it be nice if they disclosed it? Absolutely! But, 1) it's completely voluntary, and 2) no one (except the owner) knows if this was even pressed since being a 9.6 (vs. a straight resubmission).
  7. Your mistake here was only purchasing three of them at the booth in the first place. I ended up getting 20 throughout Day 1 because I thought the book was a beauty, and if I got stuck with 20 of them, so be it... I posted a Friday night sales thread, including 15 of these that I listed at $60 each. They were all gone by Saturday, and by that time, the book was sold out at the show. Within three weeks, some sales jumped higher than $250 raw, especially for the lower numbers. Yet, I don't regret it. You win some, you lose some. A lot of boardies got some cool books, and these Wolvies helped pay for my show.
  8. I ship right out of eBay. I currently hold "Top Rated Seller" status because of strong C2E2 sales from February/March. However, even before that, I had "Above Standard" and offered 1-Day turnaround times for shipping. At least one of these is required (or maybe it's a combination) to get a shipping discount. Typically it's a 5-10% discount, which is significant and can add up quickly.
  9. PirateShip's pricing is higher than eBay or PayPal if you do enough business to get a shipping discount. I wouldn't consider myself one of the bigger guys, but my last shipment is $7.23 (Priority Legal Flat Rate) or $8.65 (Regional Box A) on eBay versus $7.45/$8.92 on PirateShip. If you're selling low margin, single issue comics this way, every penny counts. If you didn't realize, eBay drives significant revenue through their own shipping program. This is also the reason they can provide a higher discount, as they have much higher volume than a PirateShip can produce. This I can agree with. Then again, there would have to be a significant outage, as service is usually restored within a couple of hours if one can wait.
  10. Wow!!!! I never noticed the difference there between the regular and deluxe covers. Thanks for pointing that out!
  11. Taken out of context with the rest of the story, I thought you were referring to someone that may have special needs... In this day and age, who sells moderns with $5 cover prices for only 10 cents each?!?! Andy Kubert, that's who. Great story!
  12. @FlyingDonut I just completed my set of X-Men and Hulk #8 the other day after finding an X-Men #96 ($2.49) on eBay. Of the rest of this collection, it looks like I only have an extra copy of the X-Men #95 ($2.29). I randomly have a copy of Cable #72 ($2.29) stored in a box somewhere in my basement. I have no idea where I got it. I have no idea where it's currently buried. I'll take a look tonight for it. Send me a PM with your address. I'll send you over the X-Men #95 ($2.29) and Cable #72 ($2.29) for free sometime later this week.
  13. Lost income? No. Delayed income? Yes. Buzzetta stated this more eloquently, but to reiterate, you still have ownership of the books. Until that status changes, you have no loss.