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  1. Good luck here! Just curious though. Why even bother getting it graded? The desirability in this book is in its rarity and not the grade itself. Unless you just prefer your books entombed, I'm not sure if there's any added value here on this particular copy.
  2. If the occurrence happens on every single copy, CGC is sometimes lenient with how they grade the particular book. You can see examples of this with oversized Marvel modern books that all have corner binding tears, yet many copies with these tears are certified as 9.8. In your case, I emphasized the part that matters here. If this is not a likely occurrence, then your grade would likely get docked. The fact that it's pristine other than this defect may save your 9.0+ grade, but my guess is that it will definitely bring it down in some manner. How much weight they put on this defect is the real question. FWIW, my personal copy does not have those fractures.
  3. @joeypost, do you happen to know a good presser or can you recommend anyone?
  4. Ah, so you were the winner of that auction. IIRC, CGC now grades these with green, qualified labels.
  5. Here are all the Marvel Comics Presents (Vol 1) that fit the bill. Some are more subtle than others. Covers of this series wrapped around front and back until issue #89. Starting with issue #90, MCP went flip-book style and showcased two separate covers (which meant double our chances here).
  6. Two less common Wolverine covers. These are books in my collection I just happen to have scans of. Interestingly enough, unless I missed a cover or variant, there are no Wolverine books from my of his seven ongoing series that fit this category.
  7. And a 75cent Canadian edition on one of those #2s to boot!
  8. I'm also guessing this is a Registry scoring question. If so, this is the wrong forum for the post (hence all of us confused boardies)... Try here...
  9. I think the problem with these statements is that you assumed each card had 2.6 million copies printed. It seems more accurate that the total print run was 2.6 million cards (vs. 2.6 million of each card). With 295 cards in Alpha, the average print run per card was ~8,800. Obviously, not all cards were printed equally, so rares being around 1,100 each sounds correct to me.
  10. Yes, CGC will grade this card. No, CGC will not leave it in its wrapper.
  11. No, and they shouldn't. This is not a printing error or defect, but rather a an issue with packing, shipment, and/or handling that caused the issue. As @maidenmate91 said, there will likely be a demand and premium paid for NM+ copies.
  12. The Lobo book showcases what I imagine would be a belt buckle. Provocative, sure... but... The UPC placement of this ROM book leaves even more to the imagination. What is that UPC code hiding? Why did someone place it right there? Do Cyborgs even have anything to hide? That sort of mystery would be the whole allure to a book like that.