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  1. With C2E2 just around the corner, I'm looking to raise some funds. Let's resurrect this thread. To try to keep things simple, Rounds 1 through 4 are CLOSED. Round 5 and 6 are re-opened at 40% off for 3 Days Only. Below is a recap. Take 40% off the listed price. Page 7 $7.50 - Wolverine (1988) #75 (Newsstand) - NM $3 - Wolverine (1988) #79 (Newsstand) - NM $15 - Wolverine (1988) #80 (Newsstand) - NM- $5 - Wolverine (1988) #82 (Newsstand) - VF/NM $3 - Wolverine (1988) #83 (Newsstand) - NM FREE - Wolverine (1988) #84 (Newsstand) - tear at top, just pay shipping $4 - Wolverine (1988) #85 (Newsstand Foil) - VF $3 - Wolverine (1988) #86 (Newsstand) - VF $5 - Wolverine (1988) #87 (Newsstand) - NM $5 - Wolverine (1988) #88 (Newsstand) - Fine $2 - Wolverine (1988) #89 (Newsstand) - Fine $5 - Wolverine (1988) #90 (Newsstand) - NM $13 - Wolverine (1988) #146 (Copy A) (Newsstand) - NM/NM+ $10 - Wolverine (1988) #146 (Copy B) (Newsstand) - NM $15 - Wolverine (1988) #147 (Newsstand) - NM+ $6 - Wolverine (1988) #148 (Newsstand) - NM $20 - Wolverine (1988) #154 (Copy A) (Newsstand) - NM/NM+ Page 8 $25 - Wolverine (1988) #154 (Copy C) (Newsstand) - NM+ $3 - Wolverine (2003) #45 (Newsstand) - Fine $3 - Wolverine (2003) #46 (Newsstand) - VF $2 - Wolverine (2003) #61 (Newsstand) - Fine $8 - Wolverine (2003) #67 (Newsstand) - VF $8 - Wolverine (2003) #70 (Newsstand) - VF- $60 - Return of Wolverine #1 (In-Hyuk Lee NYCC) - NM+ $75 - Return of Wolverine #1 (Jusko NYCC Virgin) - NM+ $8 - Wolverine (1988) #9 - NM+ $6 - Wolverine (1988) #12 - NM+ $6 - Wolverine (1988) #13 - NM+ $6 - Wolverine (1988) #16 - NM+ $6 - Wolverine (1988) #18 - NM+ $6 - Wolverine (1988) #20 (Newsstand) - NM+ $5 - Wolverine (1988) #22 - NM+ $5 - Wolverine (1988) #29 - NM+ Page 9 $4 - Wolverine (1988) #43 - NM+ $4 - Wolverine (1988) #44 - NM+ $85 - Wolverine Origins #40 (Romulus Variant) - NM+ Prices are firm at 40% off. Shipping is a flat rate $6.75 to the US. International shipping at cost. Thread permanently closes in 3 days on Monday night. At that point, I'll likely run a C2E2 sales thread (remaining 2019 stock + the NEW 2020 EXCLUSIVES). Any books that remain unsold in this thread go back into my personal collection.
  2. I bought over 60lbs worth of comics in a large lot. Everything was well packed, and the books were all in great shape (just as described). With a handful of extras included in the lot, combined with great communication throughout, this was a positive and smooth transaction. Thanks again!
  3. That's a sharp looking copy. If you were planning on getting it graded, then I'm guessing most of that will easily press out. Then again, you could always keep it raw and just wait until the next copy comes along, then reassess what you want to do.
  4. Not a bad price for that book. Personally, I would wait, as you're bound to come across a copy eventually at a much better price. For example, I had this book on my watch list for about a year and picked one up, albeit a copy in Fine condition, at a cost basis of $8.52. Consider this... buy the book now. Keep looking for another copy. When you find one for cheaper and/or in better condition, sell this one at cost.
  5. My Post Office has made mention of it in the past. Sometimes they don't care. Technically you shouldn't be using the Flat Rate Envelope rate for Legal Flat Rate Envelope postage. It's unfortunate that PayPal doesn't offer this as one of their options. (My guess is that they could, but they've chosen to simplify the offerings.) Shipping out of eBay is no problem, as they have the separate Legal sized option. When I sell something outside of eBay and use the Legal Envelope, I usually just create my postage out of so there are no issues.
  6. I like reporting on these, as I find it nice to be able to share accurate information. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to my local Walmart when this past wave hit. By the time I took photos of the comics (on Jan 17th), I was already at least a week late for them sitting on the shelves. Usually this wouldn't be an issue, as these comics tend to collect dust at my local Walmart. For instance, the majority of the November wave of books are still sitting there untouched. However, this round was already sold out of both Spidey books. (Someone is either speculating or really likes Spider-man). So, I won't be able to report on those two books with firsthand knowledge. Also, my quantities this time around are a minimum, as a couple of the other comics likely sold a copy or two before I got there. What I find interesting this round is the commitment to the mutant books. Four of the eight books are X-Men related. To round things out, (arguably) three Spidey titles and one Avengers. Looks like this Fox acquisition has reinvigorated the marketing push for X-Books. Just like most waves, I picked up a total of ZERO of these comics. Qty - Title 2 - Avengers #27 1 - Excalibur #1 2 - New Mutants #1 2 - Scream: Curse of Carnage #1 1 - X-Force #1 3 - X-Men #1 ? - Amazing Spider-man #33 ? - Symbiote Spider-man: Alien Reality #1
  7. I've been following this thread since it started and have no idea why it hasn't blown up yet. We're looking at most of the ingredients to become a classic: 1 Dash of a Mildly-Hot Modern 5 Cups Variant/Error Claim 3 Tablespoons of Boardie Input/Assistance 10lbs of Snark (half to be carefully tenderized by edited posts) Simmered on a Thursday, but baked through one Friday already... Liberally add in more snark for additional flavor. I guess all that's missing is a pinch of Tree-Fiddy's and a few claims of Pernts... then maybe a splash of recent, non-topical political banter. Throw this into Comics General and we're sure to have a
  8. If I'm not mistaken, a reholder will retain the grade no matter what (assuming no major damage to the holder). That is what the OP signed up for, but the LCS submitted the book for a crack + press. There is no guarantee that the book will come back with the same grade with a crack + press.
  9. Cheers Ben - and it also explains why the stickers look so damn official! If this is proven to be true, that distributors themselves would supply the stickers, should those issues be included in the official listing? Thoughts?
  10. Yeah, I track the X-Men's and Hulk 8 everyday. I have multiples of many, but the only one I'm missing is the #96 $2.49 variant. I've only ever seen one listed on eBay, and YOU swooped in and grabbed it before I even thought to message the seller. With that said, I have multiple copies of a couple of these, so I'm always open to a trade if anyone has that X-Men book and is willing to part with it.
  11. This was the $2.49 variant I won about a month back. It's a 9.2-9.4, so I'm pretty happy. As I've noted before, I only track the X-Mens and this Hulk. Slim pickings over the last six months, as practically NO X-Mens have hit the market. In fact, I'm glad I found my #93s when I did, as I haven't seen any price variants of that issue for about 2 years.