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  1. After much deliberation... fine, I'll buy this one back too.
  2. I've sold two of these ever, both on these boards. One of them I've already bought back.
  3. So funny you say that about Mondo Gecko! I think that's the sticker I pulled one time as well, along with the full team, gold background (leftmost sticker in the pic). I haven't thought about these in a LONG while. I think I picked these up at the local Dominick's in Chicago through one of those sticker vending machines. That must have been around 1991. These immediately got peeled and stuck to the footboard of my bed. That was the best place I could think to put them as a kid. Those two stickers fell off long ago, though I had other plain white TMNT stickers that are still firmly a
  4. Yeah... but guys... you can open up an eBay Mastercard to earn even more eBay Bucks! Sure, this credit card probably has no real world reward system built it, and the APR is probably through the roof... but eBay bucks!!!!!! In lieu of any actual cash back rewards, you can now earn credit into their closed-loop eBay economy. Sure, their bonus is probably only 1%, and after they get enough signups that percentage will likely be cut... but you make those eBay Bucks on all of your purchases now... until they decide that it's only purchases made on the eBay site. I don't even care that
  5. I don't do much selling on eBay anymore, but was forced into their MP system last month when I tried to edit a listing. I can't say I'm happy with the 13.1% final value fees, but that's about what I would have paid while adding in the PayPal fee anyway. What kills me is the shipping labels I print through eBay still get charged against my PayPal account... so eBay takes my payments now and has my money, but they relegate the label payments to a 3rd Party processor?!?! That just means that eBay is holding onto more of my money, while I need to make a separate payment for every transa
  6. Why can't someone just slab their Action Comics #91? I'm not saying that the submitter didn't know what he or she had, but to me, the absence of the 002 doesn't necessarily prove anything here. Maybe they couldn't find their Action #92, so only submitted the #91. Maybe their Detective #106 with the Action #92 interiors was in such rough shape that they decided to keep it raw.
  7. Just came to this thread to look at some cool cards... This is a good discussion, but this is not the thread for it.
  8. You may have been distracted. It's "Age of Chaos"... with a "g". I did a double take just to make sure... then a triple take for good measure.
  9. Super fast payment! This couldn't have been a smoother transaction. Thanks again!
  10. Now this is how you do business! Sold some Wolverine books to @thingsofstuff. I couldn't be happier with the transaction. Great communication and fast payment! Thanks again!
  11. This thread is officially closed until I open it back up again for Round 3. A number of books have sold via PM to take advantage of the discounts. If anyone is still interested in anything available, feel free to message me. I'm especially motivated to work out bulk deals.
  12. I just finished updating the recap on Page 2. I didn't realize the scope and sheer amount of books that I've posted these last few days. I really want to move some of these to better homes. So here's the deal... All books remaining are posted in the recap with large discounts by page. I'm really motivated to move some of these books, so please, for the love of god and all that is sacred... take some of these Wolvies off my hands. A summary is below of what I'm offering: 10% OFF - All of Round 1 33% OFF - Page 14 50% OFF - Page 15 40% OFF - Page 16 25% OFF - Page
  13. I'm sure there are sites out there, but it may be tough to index them if you can't read Japanese. I'd recommend two things. 1) Scan a few of them and do a Google reverse image search. That is bound to get you a hit eventually, when will then direct you to the website that is hosting the image. That website may have more that you can match up. 2) Throw up some of the scans here and let the collective power of the Boards help you out with identification.