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  1. First off, thank you to everyone who offered sincere advice and gave me a little more insight and a few things to think about. Secondly, I do have reliable legal counsel. The only reason I inquired here is because there are experts on the subject here. Legal counsel is absolutely necessary and this is a topic I am discussing with them but in this case their field is fairly specialized and that specialty does not encompass valuation of collectibles so I felt it prudent to consult others who have experience both in the field and who have either assisted others in similar situations or have gone through the process themselves. So, again, thanks for those who weighed in with pertinent information and for respecting that this is not a fun topic or happy time in anyone's life but rather an unfortunate reality that we are faced with.
  2. As the title suggests, I am in the process of a divorce. I won't go into any details on that subject but I wanted to reach out because I want to educate myself as my husband and I navigate dividing our comic and collectibles business. We have been buying and selling comics, comic art, toys, Legos and baseball cards for several years and have built a successful business up to this point. My soon-to-be ex-husband has offered me a buy out for the current business inventory. How do I go about valuing this inventory and locating all parts of the current inventory in order to make certain that the buy out offer is fair to ensure the well-being of our two children? If anyone has any suggestions, please message me or discuss in this thread. Thank you in advance! Mary P.S. Moderators, if this belongs somewhere else, please let me know. Thank you!