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  1. This should've been my copy years ago‼️😏😉
  2. Here is my contribution brohams‼️😎 It took me a few years to find my copy for the right price. It was a definite must have and integral to the Flash run I'm putting together 4sho‼️😉
  3. Show off‼️😄😉 That's an awesome statuette, is it a limited edition piece⁉️🤔
  4. When I bought this book several years ago, nobody was going hard after it. I feel I lucked up on the price and the fact that it belongs to the D/M Thompson Collection‼️😉
  5. Here's my Flash #122‼️😉It took a few pages to get here from #117 though‼️😂
  6. I thought it would do better than $91K, but still impressive for these 2 latest sales. Voldi's will usually do less than CGC books in most cases.🤔
  7. Yes we will. I think this one will be in the same ballpark.
  8. New record for an IH #1 CGC 8.0‼️‼️😲 $114, 995 on Comic Link recently‼️ http://www.comiclink.com/itemdetail.asp?back=%2Fsearch.asp%3Fwhere%3Dsell%26title%3DINCREDIBLE%2BHULK%26GO2%3DGO%26ItemType%3DCB&id=1316331
  9. Greetings folks‼️😎 I have for sale a Wonder Woman #9 CGC 7.0 OW/W pages. It's the 1st appearance of Giganta, one of WW's most formidable nemesis‼️This issue contains a four page Jane Addams feature written by Alice Marble, with art by Paul Reinman. A terrific H. G. Peter cover and art. I accept PayPal, Cash app, personal or bank checks and money orders. I will provide prospective buyers exact shipping quotes dependent on location. Returns accepted within 1 week soloing as book is in the same condition it was sold. Asking $2250 for this beauty or best offer. Buyer covers S & H & Insurance cost. Please inquire with any questions. No probes, jerks or swindlers‼️😏 Thanks for looking.😉
  10. Indeed he would my friend‼️😂
  11. Great raw copy‼️Very underrated/underappreciated Flash key issue‼️😏