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  1. I can't believe this book doesn't have a thread yet! :o


    J.H. Williams III is blows my mind. He did most of the work on the first arch and it was amazing. The second arch was a mixed bag. The art varied and the story was being told from too many views. This was also when Amy Reid joined him in creating the book. It was meh at best.


    The begining of the third arch has been the best yet. This last issue was brilliant. Do yourselff a favor and pick up batwoman #13.


    Thoughts? Fans? Readers?

  2. I love Remender. He is probably my favorite author. I have even read his older indy stuff like Strange Girl (it's really good btw, go and read it).


    Uncanny Avengers seems to have a ton of potential, like most Remender boooks do. After I read it I told my friend my intial grade was 7.8/10. I still agree with that.


    It is okay. It's a starting issue, and I understand this. I also understand how crazy Remender storylines can become.


    I look forward to seeing this series mature.