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  1. Treco

    Stan Lee RIP

    RIP Stan. What a life!
  2. Yes! I loved these. This was my favorite...
  3. That is a beautiful copy. Congrats on a true grail!
  4. Treco

    eBay Coupon 6/21

    Just got my iRig HD2 guitar interface for $65 shipped. Belated father's day gift to myself. Thanks @lizards2 !!
  5. Treco

    Father’s Day Gifts

    I got to cook two meals and clean the kitchen twice.
  6. Treco

    What’s your favorite bid?

    Tree fiddy?
  7. Treco

    Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) passes away

    Sad thing about childhood heroes and icons, you usually are around long enough to watch them go. RIP Margot.
  8. "On the carousel of butthurt, all the animals go up and down" - Seanfingh Still makes me chuckle.
  9. Treco

    Is this place deader than ever?

    Really? I always pictured him as exactly Norm.
  10. Tuesday for me, also. It's really cramping my browsing of the interwebs.
  11. Treco

    Real Frantic One's kudos thread

    Patrick is the real deal. Grading is spot on, excellent communication, fast and secure shipping. He is an asset to this community. Thanks again!!
  12. I've been able to watch and share all these movies with my son. I think he was 6 when Iron Man came out. Now he's 16! It's been a wonderful journey. My wish is that he'll look back on these years fondly.