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  1. Oh! I thought it was one per person or household or something. Back to the website then!
  2. I try to stay away from action figures in general (that's a hole I can't afford to go down ), but I had to pick up a Hellfire Club set. They were limiting pre-orders to one, but I think I'd like to have another to be able to take them out of the box and set up among some of my statues.
  3. Great review as always! Like you, I was really fascinated by that first portrait and thought it was absolutely incredible. I had interest in this statue when it was first released, but it was priced out of what I was willing to pay. Knowing that you got this on sale and that it might go up on sale again definitely has me reconsidering it!
  4. This suggests to me that maybe they shouldn't have been in the film(s) from the start. I'm going to agree with those saying "That's Hollywood". Particularly for this trilogy, when TLJ seemed to take it off the rails and RoS was about UN-doing all of that AND trying to tie up everything in the end, there just wasn't enough screen time for characters not named Rey or Ren. Them's the breaks
  5. Not really digging the CGI here. She looks too . . . fluffy(?), furry(?), something. Other than that, the trailer has my interest peaked.
  6. If your a bit of a Do-It-Yourself'er, this guy posted a video of a set of pretty impressive custom displays he created using relatively common stuff he was able to find at Home Depot and Amazon.
  7. Yeah, neat idea, but outta my price range.
  8. Nice! I remember having that guy and the silver knight growing up. Many an epic battle was had between those two!
  9. Let me clarify - I was waiting for Dark Phoenix to come out on HBO, not for the X-Men to hit the MCU. I've thoroughly enjoyed many of the Fox X-Men movies (X2 is my favorite, followed closely by First Class), but unfortunately was so disappointed by the last one (Apocalypse) and was so underwhelmed by what I was seeing for this one, that I had no desire whatsoever to see this in the theaters.
  10. As a fellow X-Men fan, that's what I was waiting for too. I ended up watching it a few days ago. It was . . . . ok, I guess. I've always enjoyed Fassbender as Magneto, so it was worth the watch just for that. I am glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater though.
  11. Huh. You'd think this would be an opportune time to launch a streaming service with everyone being told to stay home.
  12. That was my understanding as well. Didn't Netflix buy that one theater for the same reason -- to get it's movies qualified for the Oscars?
  13. This pisses me off about the Amazon Prime delivery drivers. They NEVER ring the doorbell. It takes a whole 2 seconds to do so, but instead, they'll drop the package near the door, take a picture of it and then bolt. I'll only know that something got delivered because my Alexa device will go off or I randomly check to see if something I'm expecting has been delivered.