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  1. Watched the Finale last night (DVR). I thought the musical piece in this episode was VERY well done, on par, if not better than Under Pressure, and much better than the one a few weeks ago. I look forward to seeing how the next season carries on.
  2. Really glad they picked this up & can't wait for it to start.
  3. I was hoping for something a bit . . .more. With this being the premiere and 1 of only 6 episodes this season, it was a little underwhelming for me. I understand they had to do some exposition, but it felt like a 1 hour logistics meeting with an intermission for the comedy short - 'Jon Snow's Wild Ride'. Instead of 20 brief clips of interaction/reunion amongst all the cast members, I'd have preferred fewer, but more in-depth conversations. For example - Sansa and Tyrion; The Hound & Arya; or Varys and Tyrion discussing the fate of Littlefinger; etc. I also didn't believe that Sam would get that upset that his father (and brother) had died. This was a man that had ridiculed him basically from birth and forcefully sent him away to the Wall (Join or Die). When Sam & Gilly (and little Sam) returned to his home, it's not like his father had changed or had regretted sending him away nor was he happy that he returned and actually continued to berate him during dinner. I thought that Sam taking the sword was him becoming his own man (he deemed himself worthy of it) and no longer allowing his father to affect him (whether alive or dead). I just wasn't buying the grief (anger?) that he was showing during his conversation with Jon in the crypt. It felt like they were trying to stuff a little too much into this episode and make sure everyone got some camera time when some of the extraneous scenes (Bronn & the whores) could have been removed without having any affect on the overall story.
  4. So with all the talk about King of Comedy, I went and watched it and can definitely see the comparison. I'm guessing the delusions will probably take on a darker tone in this one. Edit - It was a great movie, btw. De Niro was great as was Lewis. Even Sandra Bernhard was better than I expected.
  5. I saw it over the weekend and thought it was a pretty standard Marvel movie, somewhere around the average-to-good area, comparable with several of the other origin movies (Ant-Man, Thor, Cap). I thought the overall story was good and enjoyed getting some backstory on Fury (and Coulson!). I also agree with others that Goose was awesome. As for Brie, after watching this movie, I don't think she's the right fit for the "RDJ/Tony Stark" role of the franchise moving forward. She just doesn't have the natural charisma and doesn't display the cocky arrogance needed (as opposed to, say, someone like ScarJo) in a believable way. Some of the weakest parts of this movie for me was when she tried to make jokes or crack wise during a fight scene. It felt forced and not natural. Where I think she'd work better is in the "Chris Evans/Capt. America" slot. I think she portrayed the "gritty determination / make things happen through sheer force of will" aspect very well. The parts I enjoyed were where she showed that quiet,internal confidence just by her presence and posture. The more believable parts for me were when she was direct and to the point in her interactions (like the soldier she was) and the use of moral authority to change the game and turn things around.
  6. I hate to say it, but this episode sort of fell flat for me. I think there was too much jumping between scenes and locations. They could have also cut out the librarian portions and not have lost anything. I think they should have fully embraced the musical theme and used it throughout all aspects of the episode, not just Margo's scenes. Even when they were doing it, I just wasn't getting the same vibe as I did from last season. It didn't feel like it belonged, even with the set up of her getting high from the lizard. It didn't feel as fully thought out and integrated as the one from last season. Still love Summer Bishil though
  7. Same here. I had hoped to go back and finish them one day, but that's looking more and more unlikely.
  8. All this did was remind me of the train in the Solo movie. Except with no mountain. Don't get me wrong, I really want to be excited about this movie. Unfortunately, Sophie Turner has the emotional range of a cardboard cutout and, as the main focus of the story, doesn't make me care about her journey, regardless of how much CGI they throw at it. After Apocalypse, I find my self . . . . indifferent . . . to this movie, and that is a little frustrating.
  9. I agree. Maybe it's just me, but I also felt there was too much melodrama (again) this season. I don't know, I've just never felt a connection with the characters, even after 2 seasons, to really care about their intrapersonal relationships. "The brother comes back to the family!" . . . great. "Blink dies and Thunderbird is traumatized!" . . .ok. Can't exactly say I was saddened to see "Angsty Dad" take one for the team and pop Reeva on his way out, either. Speaking of Reeva, I've always found her power strange and dumb. Mutant Opera singer? I guess being a life long X-fan, I hoped for something greater.
  10. That would explain a lot and kind of what I figured when she got the role to begin with.
  11. What's with the trench coat? They did the same thing in X-3 too. Is it to give her the appearance of a cape without actually giving her one?
  12. What about Sony? Do they have a streaming service? Are there any other major media corporations that don't have their own service yet?
  13. Great review. I've been debating on getting this and the Elektra piece to go with it. Might have to wait until after Tax time though.
  14. What an incredible experience that must have been. Thanks for sharing!