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  1. They showed the trailer during one of the games yesterday (I think it was Bucs/Panters in London) and it didn't look that bad.
  2. Lucifer you say ? ? ? Ok, so having not watched any of these shows ever, if I wanted to binge it all to get caught up, what shows and in what order should I watch? Do I binge a whole series start to finish? Should I do all of season 1s, then S2, etc.?
  3. As if Liefeld knows what feet look like
  4. Wow. No way would I recognize him in public if he walked around like that.
  5. It's still weird seeing him so thin. I wonder if he'll "bulk up" for the movie.
  6. I don't mind tightening up a special effect here or there to give a shine to the film. Ultimately, that's not really changing the story. The things I have issue with are making changes that DO, in fact, change events or moments in the film. Greedo shooting first Noooooooooooo Inserting Hayden Christensen as a force ghost at the end of ROTJ etc. With changes like those, I'm no longer watching the original story. It's now SW 2.0.
  7. It's too bad Disney couldn't just take a Mulligan and re-do it. "Oops. Our bad. We don't much like it either." "While we respect the work of Rian Johnson, after fan feedback and other serious considerations, we feel that his vision and the final product wasn't inline with where we wanted the story to ultimately travel and leave off. While it is still a wonderful film containing the final performance of our beloved Carrie Fisher, we will be removing it from the official Star Wars cannon and creating a new sequel to The Force Awakens."
  8. Watched the movie last night and it was hilarious! Outtakes roll during the credits and the after credit scene is fun too.
  9. So Disney decided not to work with Disney? Could it launch on Disney+ instead?