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  1. Oh wow, Rick, just now seeing all of this, going to the boards to see whose collection this is. My heart aches for you, buddy. I don't "need" those books in CC, per se, but I'll do my part to make sure the loss of one Centaur under-bidder won't lead to a profound revaluation. Even forgetting the horrible circumstances for a moment, your accomplishment in assembling these books deserves full compensation. Please let me know when/if you'll be in Chicago for the con this summer.
  2. rarehhighgrade's quote "He was the most kind, generous and thoughtful person I ever had the pleasure of doing business with" is beautifully said and 100% accurate. I haven't brought myself to tell my daughters yet. They're going to be so sad. Every year when they dressed up at the Chicago con, they did it partially so show off to him & the entire Verzyl clan, who would take pictures and ooh & aah over them. They even would send us framed pics afterwards. He was a genius in many ways, but he was an even better person. We miss you, John.
  3. The world was a better place with John Verzyl in it. My wife and daughters loved the man. He was so wonderful to them, whenever he visited Chicago, and even sent them Christmas gifts knowing their interests. We love you, John.
  4. Ok, based on discussion in other threads I'm going to try this out and see what happens. -----edit: The original rules (printed below) were designed to make this thread extremely unobtrusive to an otherwise capitalism-free forum. However, if you guys would rather have scans and all that, fine. Majority rules.----- This thread is for LINKS to marketplace posts related to the sale of Golden Age books. If you're selling a GA book, post it in the marketplace like usual (with description, scan, price, etc), then come to this thread and post the link. No scans or lengthy written descriptions in this thread! (edit: unless you want to, apparently. It's a work in progress, I know). That all happens in your marketplace post to which you've linked. Don't treat this like $0.99 listing day on eBay and continually post/bump the same books over and over again. And with the formation of this thread, it's now especially gauche to use other GA threads to try and push books you may have for sale. Putting everything here will prevent forum pollution and keep our GA experience clean. I believe there's somewhat of a chicken/egg problem with selling GA books in the marketplace. Relatively few GA posters frequent that forum, because few GA books are listed there, because few GA posters frequent that forum, etc. If this inspires more GA sales, great. If not, this thread will (and should) sink off the front page and I apologize for the effort. I will now post a few examples of how this should work, based on existing marketplace threads.