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  1. Did I mention that HG CA Newsstands rule the day? It's history baby, HISTORY.
  2. Zatanna could be huge . . . if done right. Also, John Carter Oops . . . just noticed it was Mcu - apologies, as to ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  3. Seems like it. Did everyone just up and leave for another forum, or did everyone just stop posting about comics? Seems like the GA forum is the only one that didn't lose all of its members. It's a new regime - lotsa youngsters. Takes a bit to stomach sometimes. Many of the vets went over to the CBCS boards, but I found that even less interesting.
  4. Nothing that hasn't been noted previously, but thanks to all those who contribute here BATMAN ROBIN ADVENTURES ANNUAL #1 DC 1996 NM/MT 9.8 1st App MASK of PHANTASM $81.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Feb-14 17:04 Seller: puregrime(335) 100% THUNDERBOLTS #1 Apr 1997 NM/MT 9.8 W MARVEL Movie Coming! WRECKING CREW App $30.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Feb-10 11:52 Seller: whitecollargrime(152) 100% VISION AND THE SCARLET WITCH #12 (1986) NM+ 9.6 W 1st App Twin Sons Speed Wiccan $34.00 1 bid +$4.99 shipping Feb-05 21:42 Seller: cybergrime(139) 100% WOLVERINE #8 (1988) NM 9.4 W INCREDIBLE HULK/JOE FIXIT App BUSCEMA CLAREMONT $21.00 1 bid +$5.99 shipping Feb-03 12:32 Seller: puregrime(334) 100%
  5. Yes divad I thought we disposed of this argument years ago. Not only is it not a comic book, but the production date is not fixed to one date and highly questionable based on an alleged copyright date.
  6. I can tell you which Spidey is not King . . .