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  1. GA books are treated different by CGC.
  2. Actually that was MY statement.
  3. You only got a 9.6 on your First Submission? Dang! I'd call the grading police!!! Take a chill pill dude.
  4. Do you collect comics with nudity?

    There he goes with the gaping mouth again . . . and is that the biggest one-eyed snake you ever saw???
  5. Spiral-bound note pad and pencil?
  6. Wacky! What were you smokin'? Made my day - And I thought cutting the MVS out of one of my Hulk 181's was the stupidest thing ever . . .
  7. Whatever blows your skirt up . . .
  8. Am I hosed?

    To the OP: Yes, you got hosed.
  9. Sticker removal

    As Joey said, someone already removed it . . . (poorly).
  10. WTF is a "printer's bubble"??? That's a new one to me. (Guess I haven't gone around the block enough times . . . )
  11. Nothing is easy (and the Pope has nothing to do with it.) I seriously doubt a book would come back with a "'married and cover detached' distinction," it's either one or the other. And if it did (or other books have) that's just creative license on CGC's part. I'd go with Bomber Bob's initial recommendation.
  12. No, keep it as is. Some collectors, as late as the Bronze Age would tape the spine to "preserve it." I know . . .