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  1. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Tell us what you really think . . .
  2. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Free money. Pulled my copies out.
  3. It appears that you are now going to have to add The Eternals #1 to your list . . .
  4. Don't be a kidder . . . we know it's a saved search for you.
  5. No. I recently sold my two copies of #1, but the one copy I wish I still had was the one signed by Jack - sold that to a boardie a few years ago . . .
  6. Infinite Bronze War Thread

    Love the cover sig on this one.
  7. Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Not sure if this one counts as a Picture Frame to the purists out there . . . .
  8. Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Found a couple while looking through my boxes for Thomas . . .
  9. Duck Love?

    Found this one pokin' through my box of seconds . . .
  10. It's about to get real.

    It's about to get stoopid . . . .
  11. Fourth World movie

    Indeed! (You mean like Star Wars?)
  12. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Actually did once, way back when.
  13. What's up with X-Force #1?

    So, can someone please summarize in order of value??? I can't go back through the last 8 pages - it gives me a headache!
  14. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    No one has . . .