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  1. I'm just waiting to cash in my AOL shares at a huge profit!
  2. That's what the three guys from Glynn County are sayin' . . .
  3. Indeed, but there's a difference between a realistic offer and an insult.
  4. I am surprised that anyone would sell any CGC 9.8 of a 30 year-old book for $50
  5. I've tried to make that point on multiple forums/Facebook and people keep wanting to talk about the time they DID get a 9.8 raw as if that's normal. There's just no way these dealers are leaving hundreds of dollars on the table when they know CGC exists but they don't use it for books that obviously are worth a lot more slabbed. They know the books are borderline (or worse) and they sell them raw. But ultimately, buyers either learn the hard way or they leave their books after death to people who know nothing about them and the family gets next-to-nothing vs. what the buyer believed they had all those years. Lose-lose scenario. Actually both of these analyses are incorrect. The balance of comments are very fairly articulated.
  6. "If you're such a genius, why you got butta on ya tie?"
  7. I'm still alive and well, still alive and well Every now and then I know it's kinda hard to tell But I'm still alive and well (Johnny Winter): Recent BA sales: GODZILLA #15 MARVEL Oct 1978 NM 9.4 OWW TRIMPE Cover & Art MOENCH Story B/O $38.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Jul-03 17:38 Seller: divadrabnud(1,966) 100% AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #168 May 1977 NM- 9.2 ROMITA 1st App WILL-O'-THE-WISP B/O $26.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Jun-20 20:48 Seller: truegrime(481) 100% AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #181 June 1978 NM- 9.2 Gil KANE Cover CAREER FLASHBACK B/O $24.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Jun-18 20:48 Seller: truegrime(481) 100%
  8. Ok, time to change the subject . . . I can't remember when I last posted Copper Sales, so if there are any dupes . . . please don't crucify me SILVER SURFER #82 July 1993 NM/MT 9.8 1st COVER App TYRANT MARVEL B/O $27.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Jul-05 12:08 Seller: divadrabnud(1,966) 100% Jun-24 18:46 Seller: divadrabnud(1,965) 100% AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #293 MARVEL Oct 1987 NM+ 9.6 KRAVEN SAGA ZECK Cover & Art B/O $29.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping ALPHA FLIGHT #53 Dec 1987 9.6 NM+ WOLVERINE App BEDLAM LEE Cover/Art MARVEL B/O $22.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Jun-24 16:28 Seller: truegrime(481) 100% SOLAR MAN OF THE ATOM #3 1991 NMMT 9.8 BWS Art 1st App TOYO HARADA HARBINGER B/O $85.00 1 bid Free Shipping Jun-20 21:09 Seller: cybergrime(143) 100% MOON KNIGHT #57 Dec 1993 NM+ 9.6* W HOMAGE to McFARLANE ASM 300 Cover PLATT Art $60.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Jun-19 18:49 Seller: cybergrime(143) 100% WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #24 Mar 1987 NM 9.4 W 1st App VENOM? VULTURE & HOBGOBLIN Apps $24.00 1 bid +$6.99 shipping Jun-18 19:53 Seller: cybergrime(142) 100%