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  1. I'd be more concerned about the tape on the BC . . .
  2. I'm waiting for this thread to go the way of the Walking Dead thread . . .
  3. Next ASM 300? Frankly, I think all of these suck . . . , but hey what do I know?
  4. No love for Archie vs Punisher? Sups Bats vs Aliens Predator 1-2 went up last year as did Batman vs Predator 1 Show me some numbers, because I'm not really seeing heat here.
  5. IMHO, this book is highly undervalued . . . Forget Sabertooth, the Johnny Craig homage is worth the price of admission.
  6. Not sure I believe this . . . nothing vintage about '90s anything (just out of date)
  7. Bird cage liner? (nah, too glossy.) You could use the bags to clean your kitty litter box? (Nah, too small.) I got it . . . Origami - big hit among the little ones (but not much profit there.)
  8. I've never even seen 600 issues of Star Wars in one place . . . I guess I live a sheltered life.