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  1. divad

    Heavy Metal Magazine

    Hm, never seen those before - I wouldn't necessarily toss them, but I doubt anyone would re-use them either. Do what's best for the magazines, and of course, you. You own them!
  2. divad

    Is It Worth CGCing the Byrne FF Run?

    Yep - buying yes, slabbing no. (Unless it blows your skirt up!)
  3. That's possible, but then it's not the book I mentioned above. Good luck on the sale (if you plan on selling it.)
  4. Btw, I think the last issue is much more desirable . . .
  5. divad

    Neck Magazine

    I don't, and this is about all I could find on it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neck-Book-Collection-Stupidity-Anniversary/dp/1537215396 "The "National Lampoon" from the 1980s punk underground, this book includes all of the stupid drawings, cartoons, stories and other things found in Neck Magazine: The Magazine for People with Necks."
  6. I agree with your assessment of grade but not sure about a press helping. There are some large corner creases that deeply break color. Edited 4 hours ago by Bomber-Bob My guess here is that BB and DM haven't submitted many lower grade books for slabbing (apologies to both if you have.) I do agree with BB that I would not press this book. But hey, I've only (voluntarily) had one book pressed (a GSXM1 expertly done by joeypost.)
  7. At least a 5.5 with a fair chance at an even 6.0. Very timely pick-up indeed!
  8. That sounds like FFB's restored copy that we broke out of the case one night (many years ago) and were amazed at how much work had been done on it. If we didn't coin "Frankenbook" that night, it certainly was one of the earliest uses of the term. The upside is that CGC has probably seen this exact book at least a couple of times before this recent grading. Hey @povertyrow Michael were you there that night? or was it just Scott, Jimbo, me and Jeff? Boy those were the good old days.
  9. divad

    Web of Spider-Man #32 Grading Census

    Pole . . . meet . . . arze
  10. What is the best app for modern comics inventory?
  11. Perhaps, but the Juggernaut is THE Juggernaut!
  12. There is no "final line" at the printers . . . they're only freakin' comic books fergawdsake.
  13. divad

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Perhaps a Black & Blue label would be more appropriate?
  14. divad

    Bagged comics...the funniest of ironies.

    I was lucky enough not to have any part in that farce, as collecting was suspended for me for much of the 80's and 90's (real life interceded). My only role later in life was to find this stuff in collections and say, "I can't believe this karp!"
  15. Clearly, they got it wrong . . . . again.
  16. divad

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    It can't be that political, as I have gotten one (and I got no political swag! - especially with the Powers that be.)
  17. divad

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Think Tank, Darkness and Thief of Thieves had already been in development. In fact, so long that apparently the rights to them have expired. This does not say that there are any TV agreements associated with any channel however. So, I don't expect much from any. Nailbiter on the other hand has been at the top of my list as a good adaption. Nonetheless, very much appreciate the input!
  18. Something new in the sales forums? For example, I could start a thread here that invites anyone to post any book that contains a "Mark Jewelers' insert". Instead of being a single-owner sales thread, it's whoever's got the goods. Another thread might be a "Joker Covers thread." Another thread could be a "Multiple Covers thread." I am thinking that these could take off! Before all the naysayers chime in, as long as each individual post and poster follows the forum rules, then have at it. Arch? Thoughts?
  19. Indeed I did! Classic Crumbly! How on Earth did I miss this thread!!!