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  1. Hi guys I have DF signed copies of Spiderman Chapter One issues 1 and 2. Both are in really good shape except for damage to front bottom left corners. Issue 1 is only slight but issue 2 is rather worse. How much will this damaged affect the grades, as without I would hope for 9.6 ish
  2. Congrats on getting this grade on a great book
  3. Thanks for the reply....can I ask how you know it's the UK edition (excuse my lack of knowledge) My bad....just seen who published it
  4. Unfortunately sellotape around all corners back and front Interested to see how much all the sellotape as well as general condition hammers this grade
  5. No 100% raw. Actually both have sig of Frank Brunner on inside page but not authenticated I'm so sad to say
  6. Low grade but how low ???? Staples are attached with no rust
  7. Anyone got any ideas on what these black vertical lines may be ? They seem impregnated so is it perhaps a printing flaw ?
  8. Good question.... looks like a 20mm wide imprint/line/smudge going down parts of the right hand side on front cover
  9. PGM Thor 337 I'm no grader but pages look very off white to me but comic unread and nice colours otherwise.
  10. Slight spine ticks otherwise unread
  11. Uk shilling price, clean firm stapples needs C & P
  12. Thanks for the replies guys I assume the date stamp is period correct as I would have purchased this in the early 70's I was hoping with a clean and press I would get a CGC 5/6 but perhaps not
  13. Naturally needs a clean and press and real shame about the huge dealers stamp but all comments welcome