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  1. Sounds like you leveled up! Grats! Welcome to the real hunt. And being broke.
  2. Ooof. I hate magazine slabs like most, but I would hate this more.
  3. I think of it this way, if you crack a book out and then try to sell it, you KNOW no one gives a F if you show the deslabbed label with the book. That grade along with any other former grades (even hand written on a backing board by a reputable dealer) is considered useless to 99% of buyers. That said, the rules of the game dictate the reverse for the seller. That said, if the buyer asks for info and finds out the answer given is a lie, then they’re untrustworthy and accepts and should expect exposure. I think if we as a community expect 100% disclosure of former grades from dealers, then we should expect former cgc grades to be printed on the label as well. Now wouldn’t that be something?
  4. What was the date the grade regarding tape was changed? Thanks.
  5. As a buyer, if a book arrived detached cover, I would first assume it was damaged in the mail/packaging, then I would assume once contacted, the seller could think I opened the book up and caused the detached cover. All this from expecting detached cover to be noted. I often buy low grade GA books and a detached cover is perhaps the easiest defect to grade, but unless it’s cgc I suppose I shouldn’t expect that it’s noted. All said, if the price I paid for the book seemed fair even with the detached cover I might just keep it and note the seller as someone to be more cautious with in the future.
  6. I hope Mike is doing ok, and the newstand comes back soon. One of the best comic sites out there.
  7. I don't remember the specifics, but I was talking to a rare book collector and they said there was a point in time when they started putting acidic ingredients (pulp etc) into paper and from that point on the books degraded faster, and the earlier books/paper made the old fashioned (more expensive way) were not degrading.
  8. They cover it pretty well in this book.