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  1. It was mentioned that Cap#1s were dropping in price? If we’re still talking about 1.0 universals, I haven’t seen a drop. Infact 1.0 entry levels seem to be climbing all the time on key golden age books. Is AF#15 in a 1.0 really gonna beat a Cap 1 or Marvel 1 or Flash 1, Wonder Woman 1? Hard to believe it’s worth it...
  2. Is there not a pic of the back cover? If we have the # on the back of the slab we can look up their graders notes since they’re free. Any pics?
  3. I agree. It’s hard to believe there’s only 61 copies on the census for such a big key.
  4. I remember bidding on that one thinking I’d be easily able to get it for under 10k due to the condition. I can’t help but think the limited supply of 7, 10, and 13 allows their value to be somewhat controlled, or monopolized similar to Tec 29, 31, and 33.
  5. From episode 36, wouldn’t a contender of highest marvel piece of art be the Captain Amrica Comics #1 cover from the golden age?
  6. I only have the 13, but it’s my favorite art of the 3. It’s iconic the same way tec 31 is. Mine with some appropriate music.
  7. Seems like a good deal to me.
  8. Cool post and haven’t read it all yet, but to me (mostly a low-mid grade goldenage collector), FMV is whatever the price is that moves the book within 1 week for books <1,000 2 weeks for 1k+ but <5k and 1 month for 5k+ books. If they take longer than the said amounts they’re probably priced too high. Just my
  9. I’d buy some if I could find some.
  10. No, it doesn’t work. The “entry level” grades 0.5-2.0 of mega keys are arguably the most competitive, so those prices per point don’t translate as the grade goes higher.
  11. Captain America Comics #1 hit stands December 20th, 9 days before FDR’s “Arsenal of Democracy” speech. Not March 1941.