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  1. This was a GREAT documentary that had many parallels with golden age comic collecting. I’ve never seen such an in-depth and elegant description of a “collector” before. The whole range of collectors and sellers were presented with a respect rarely seen in these things. And I found their insights on collecting mass market items vs art very interesting. I do wish they mentioned comicBOOKS at least once by the end, but. Still great!
  2. I don’t have one, but it’s cool to see GMC fans. I loved these back in the day.
  3. Just buy slabs and crack em out. I mostly like raw, but buy cgcd books to avoid situations like this.
  4. Wow, less than a year ago I was practically begging someone to give me 5,500 for this. I see now what I should’ve done.
  5. PM me if you want to sell any GA keys or Timelys in the above conditions.
  6. I heard Cole beat Schomburg and was surprised, but hacked? Of all the things..