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  1. This was a GREAT documentary that had many parallels with golden age comic collecting. I’ve never seen such an in-depth and elegant description of a “collector” before. The whole range of collectors and sellers were presented with a respect rarely seen in these things. And I found their insights on collecting mass market items vs art very interesting. I do wish they mentioned comicBOOKS at least once by the end, but. Still great!
  2. I don’t have one, but it’s cool to see GMC fans. I loved these back in the day.
  3. Just buy slabs and crack em out. I mostly like raw, but buy cgcd books to avoid situations like this.
  4. Wow, less than a year ago I was practically begging someone to give me 5,500 for this. I see now what I should’ve done.
  5. PM me if you want to sell any GA keys or Timelys in the above conditions.
  6. I heard Cole beat Schomburg and was surprised, but hacked? Of all the things..
  7. For starters I would have no different colored labels and let the full descriptions with digital pictures of interior defects do the talking.
  8. I can’t help but feel it’s unethical for one company to use an often subjectiveness to assign such monetarily changing labels while at the same time offering the services to change said label.