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  1. Hello fellow collectors, I haven't submit any books for a long time, just checking the price for modern books, are they $20/book now? That's crazy! With the shipping cost both ways, easily $30 cost? Wow. Is CGC still on the super slow TAT, 6 months for modern? Thinking of submitting some left over books but this new grading fee killed my enthusiasm. Thank you.
  2. Battle Earth: Zerg vs Protoss vs Terran
  3. Hello boardies, First time posting with the new board, don't want to create a topic regarding my Ebay situation and not sure if this is the appropriate place, hope you can advice me with this situation: A buyer from Europe (Poland), low rating (5), offers to buy a collection I have $4.5k offer out of $5.5k asking price. At first I declined due to uncomfortable low rating buyer and from country that I don't usually see buyers. He keep pushing "any chance You change Your mind? there is no option to buy such complete sets here in Europe so it's actually my only chance to buy it a
  4. Sorry, I moved my Ebay question to the other Ebay topic for more appropriate.