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  1. Some of these are below the 2020 GPA where 2020 sales data is available. Action Comics 267 5.5 $110 Adventure Comics 267 5.0 $200 (2020 GPA $240) Adventure Comics 282 7.0 $275 (2020 GPA $300) Adventure Comics 304 8.5 $175 (2020 GPA N/A) Adventure Comics 362 9.2 $100 (2020 GPA $24 obviously an anomaly) Superboy 89 6.0 $150 (2020 GPA N/A) Superboy 93 8.0 $120 (2020 GPA unknown) 1st timed reply here or DM will win the item(s). Paypal only. Postage will be $15 tracked USPS mail per single item, $2.5 per additional item for
  2. 2.0. Tops. That's as deliberate a slice as you will ever see. Unless that's a major key issue or w/e I can't imagine any collector wanting a book as unattractive looking as that. I'd take creases/stains and anything else over that any day as at least with creases/stains etc the book is still complete.
  3. Slowly starting to liquidate my entire collection. All comics via paypal only. 1st time stamped DM/or reply here wins. Comics will be dispatched within 24 hrs via tracked USPS. Since postage can easily be forgotten to be added I've included postage with all the prices First up, a CGC slabbed 4.0 Adventure Comics 247 with off white to white pages. $2465 with postage included Action Comics 285 CGC 8.5 with hard to find newsstand fresh white pages. $665 with postage included Adventure Comics 304 CGC 8.5. $190 with postage included Adventure Comics 282 CGC 7.0 $205 with postag
  4. Grade is in. Congrats to all those who said a 4.0 This and others I recently had slabbed have been listed for sale in the sales thread.
  5. Only 3 higher copies are known to exist none of which have ever come up for sale. When a 9.2 becomes available it seems bids go crazy
  6. In this topic, https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/470841-does-grading-depend-on-what-mood-a-grader-is-in/#comments I found an Adventure Comics 332 CGC graded at 9.2 with 7 spine ticks and an iffy corner as well. The 9.2 GPA of that issue is north of 1k dollars. Dunno what the lower GPAs are worth (and therefore the size of the 'gift' the seller received from CGC as a result of that grade instead of a lower one) but with that many faults how on Earth that issue got a 9.2 is beyond me.
  7. We all have differing opinions regarding what flaws are more acceptable than others, and of their severity, so bearing that in mind, why are graders notes limited purely to CGC and the submitter of any given comic ? Surely from a buying pov, people would (imo) be more inclined to buy a comic if they knew exactly what flaws it had, or otoh less inclined to 'waste' their money on a comic that has specific issues that they wouldn't have otherwise bought it if they had known them. I have never seen 1 seller, ever, list the graders notes in a sale. Surely from the view of the transparenc
  8. The line going down the front and back is where my scanner seems to have missed a beat. Very small tear above the A in Smallville, plus non color breaking stress lines (they aren't actually visible unless the scan is really blown up).
  9. CGC officially answered a couple of days ago regarding price stamps on UK books. A UK stamp doesn't affect grade. They consider it a natural part of the distribution process.
  10. This is the 2nd of 5 freebies I got from Mile High. Supergirl 2 Always loved this cover because I think she looks awesome here. My fav Supergirl cover. Dunno why they sent this one, as unlike the Aquaman 29, this one looks to be around vfn+ / nm- condition. (I'm sure the slight spine roll and ding on the b/c will press out)
  11. When I used to order back issues from Mile High Comics in the late 80s early 90s, they used to put a freebie or two in with the order as well. One of them was this, Aquaman 29. Not a bad freebie since this is now worth way more than any single comic I ever ordered from them. It came as is, with a kind of browning on the back cover (foxing?). I'd rate it maybe 5.0 / 6.0 what do you think ?
  12. The OCBPG only lists prices for 9.2s (and even then can be way off, as I'm aware that the last 2 sales of an Adventure Comics 332 (OCBPG 9.2 value $140) went for over 1k each As a buyer or a seller, how does someone estimate the worth of a comic that is graded 9.4, 9.6, 9.8 etc when there isn't a 'guide price'. Is it just a case of "think of a figure" ?
  13. I recently came across this, primarily because I have one of these in great condition myself, if I can find it lol, but looking at the census is literally gobsmacking, as there is only 1 known example of this particular comic in the world that has a grade of 9.2 or above. (the black cover makes this incredibly, almost non existently scarce imo) Anyone know of any other examples of SA comics having just one example of 9.2 or above left ? https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/122870