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  1. A quarter gone Damn you fire in Fort Mac. If I was there i would drink a 2litre of Pepsi and take a leak on it to show my disdain. When i moved to Australia from Canada, my brother let me keep my comic collection at his place. His place is now just a pile of ash. His comic and my comic collection are history. I think i had 63 graded comics there. Thankfully no valuable graded ones. Just cheap Hulks mostly i think. I will have to go through my notes someday to figure out which ones. But my near complete run of ungraded hulks ( not super high grades) and his near complete ungraded iron man in nice grade along with a few thousand other comics are burnt to a crisp. Actually i dont give a as i finally found out my brother was ok but is trapped out at his jobsite while his wife and little ones made a frantic dash south out of the city. See more journals by Udidar