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  1. Congrats! How tough was that v2 #4 to get in grade?
  2. Can you please add the following? Set: Planetary Book: Title: C-23 Issue No.: 6
  3. Can you please add: Set: 100 Bullets Book: 100 Bullets/Crime Line Sampler Flip-Book and Set: Planetary Book: After Watchmen... What's Next? (this is a reprint of Planetary #1)
  4. Very nice. I find that DF signed copies are always listed in weird ways and can usually be had pretty cheap on eBay, at least the ones I seem to find.
  5. It's not that MCS doesn't have them, it's that MCS doesn't always differentiate between the normal version and the Zero Hour logo version. For example, they have separate entires for Superman Man of Steel #0, as well as the individual issues of Zero Hour, but not Steel #0 or Batman SotB #0.
  6. My Batman 457 is at CGC. Grading Status: Grading/Quality Control. My status:
  7. I have the following extras, if anyone wants to trade. I'm looking for issues of Flash mostly, followed by Batman, Tec, AoS, Action and Superman.
  8. Good to know. Do the packs of Kingdom Comments just have 2nd (or later) prints?