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  1. I don't have much for this update, books are still at CGC under two separate groups for the SDCC and the Hawaii books. As for sketches that were owed still at 9 (only 3 of the Insanity for SDCC belong to this group) and waiting to get an update most likely after Christmas and at SacAnime which is the 1st-3rd of January as that will be the next time I see Kevin due to the holiday's. Drove to West Virginia over the past two days for personal reasons but will update as I can through my phone.
  2. All of these books were subbed under a single account which is why they will not be shown under your account. More to follow tomorrow as I will have more information hopefully by then.
  3. Here we go, over the past few days/week I have been responding to pm's based on oldest to newest. So those on page 8... yes sadly I have almost 8 pages worth of pm's are what are being responded to and how I was whittling down the list, so with each bump of the conversations I was still doing responses to the back pages first instead of the newest pages. I would say I have been busy but like everyone has mentioned we are all busy. I've been balancing between work, travel, conventions, college, and some personal things over the past few months but none of it is an excuse. As for Kevin and or reaching out to him, honestly it is fine and is your right to do so but as far as commissions for each of these opps, they're done and have been turned in. Yes there are a select few that have not been completed and those are much larger commissions but for the most part out of 13 commission's left as said in the PL response which most were requests on facebook through him and another I am now down to 9 with four in hand as of this past Friday. Those 4 were three from Amazing Hawaii and one additional that was requested from him at Amazing Oklahoma that simply wasn't handed back to the requester due to setting something up through his wife at the show. Aside from that all of the Hawaii commissions from here and all but the remaining 3 insane requests from SDCC... although one should be taken off the list by the end of next week are completed and at CGC. Not waiting to go to CGC but actually at CGC. As for the suggestion for weekly updates, I will ensure I start doing this here so by this coming Friday I will post an update even if it is simply a no change to status and who I called and or when I called them type of thing. Either way a weekly update will be done. As for a few of the other opps I have going, I am also complete with those and will knock them out again, asap. I appreciate the heads up from Adonis earlier and will check in with Doug as well to ease some minds. More from me shortly.
  4. In response to Adam's request of PL for me I completely AGREE I should be placed on the list. I have been so wrapped up in everything going on that I haven't had a chance to get on here in almost 11 weeks to respond to questions. Reasons I should be on here stretch more than the Eastman opp and until I can set the status back to clear I will not take another commission request nor sell on the boards. No need for voting, or large discussions of why or why not I whole heartedly believe until I can get everything done that j do belong on here. The Eastman opp: Yes SDCC was a huge sketch opportunity and almost everything has been completed and turned into CGC. If you check with Doug (dscott) he is just now receiving the last of his order from San Diego and I'm really trying to get this one completed. I have three large scale commissions to include Adam's request and I'll finally be done with SDCC. The Hawaii Eastman opp: I am waiting on 10 commissions left for it to be completed. These are 10 full body commissions and not part of the opp conducted on here. The ones completed were some different commission requests such as Nightwing Turtle, Harley Quinn Turtle, Batman, and several others which were completed as can be verified by Adonis (Not sure what he is called now) and Yaw (yagyare) who were in the hotel room while he was drawing these for everyone. Someone asked why I took commissions at NYCC, I did not. Darrel F happened to accompany me to Kevin's hotel to pick up some commissions as well as books signed and asked me if I could ask him on the spot. That was the only commission done at that show by Kevin outside of the small stand in line he did at IDWs booth. It's because of being behind by the 13 commissions that I did not take any requests for Canada, NYCC or the past weeks Amazing Oklahoma City Comic Con as we have been able to whittle down numbers during it. Usually his work load is pretty enormous and why I try to slide a book in on him a week as I figure one at a time is at least something. As for grading for these, one hang up was something I didn't see, licensing. Everything should be taken care of and should finally start seeing these completed though. Other stuff and Cleaning out laundry here: Jamie Biggs, Adam himself warned me about this one but following commission requests and then receiving them back before my requested cut off I ran an op with Jamie. Currently waiting on a single book to be completed and have been trying to contact Jaime about closing this thing which has been an enormous headache. (Self Inflicted) Alfred Trujilo, his books are either at CGC or at my home... Yes they could be at my home but I honestly have not had a chance to open boxes I have received due to my travel schedule. Usually I'm home for Wednesday long enough to wash my clothes, kiss the kids, and pat the wife on the head. This I need to check on when I get home hopefully Friday which I have a weekend off finally and will be back. Kokkinakis, currently awaiting a single book as well, been in contact with him about it though so should be near the end of the tunnel with him. Harley Quinn Amazing books, these are spread between three places, CGC, my home, and just getting to CGC. The ones just getting to CGC were just signed by Palmiotti and Conner a few weeks ago due to Amanda not attending NYCC. I will get on messaging every single person back as soon as I can but I really am bogged down. The biggest reason I am replying to this isn't to keep myself out of the PL but because I've received several texts, calls, and an email this morning alone and I know I need to respond to everyone on a PM by the end of this week. I WILL find a way to get back on here more to respond. Lastly I truly do apologize for the delay in everything. It's not my intention to keep books away from you all whether to keep or flip and I am not against me being on the PL but would even wish to nominate myself until I can get things cleared up with each of these issues as well as a few extra ones I have going on as well.
  5. First and foremost I do apologize for not having been on here in a long while. Between flying from one convention to another with little more than time to wash clothes its been hard getting into CGC boxes backlogged at my house and shipments have been delayed for everything. Last week at Comikaze due to not having been home with my family in a while I did choose to fly my family out with me to the convention and then spend Saturday night/Sunday with them as with you all I have been neglecting them since my Amazing Hawaii trip back in November. jreezy, I'll check through my pm's now and get back to something favorable for you due to the delay in shipment. GAMBIT - will check on the status of the TMNT books for you and others as they have been sent to CGC as well as all of the other books that were fast tracked through. Not to add more onto this but I have a wedding (wife's cousin or something) we are attending in Houston this weekend but have two weeks off from conventions and travel following this weekend which I can finally dedicate to backlogged...EVERYTHING. As I always do with hopefully everyone I will make it right and will ensure everyone is satisfied with service as soon as possible.
  6. Just got back from NYCC and pretty smoked. Yes I'll have guys there for witnessing purposes and will answer a large amount of PMs that have piled up since the show this past week shortly.
  7. Last but not least... Bryan Singer stopped by at Amazing Hawaii... so here are a few of those as well.
  8. A few sketches: Kevin Eastman - he did a lot of these this show and will have a lot more for NYCC George Perez... didn't even remember taking this photo. Whilce Portacio Livio Ramondelli Ryan Kincaid
  9. All of these will be getting to CGC within the next week but were done primarily at Amazing Hawaii Comic Con: Kevin Eastman playing with the Remark thing... probably the first and last attempts at blacking out a cover... Especially after him going a little overboard with this one: Also remarked these Jetpack Variants: And what remarking would be complete without a Stan remark...
  10. Absolutely amazing set of books sent safely, securely, and quicker than I could send funds... Absolutely amazing transaction and can't say enough good things about dealing with John.
  11. Appreciate it Brandon. Yes mostly responding to PM's but will send out invoiced amounts to everyone tonight once I check into my hotel in San Antonio. No excuses for my delayed responses aside from what Brandon stated but will have coverage and a response to all tonight.
  12. I'm having one of my guys go to this one so yes will be able to still help. Love having minions...
  13. This... It's been a pain in the @$$ to get one graded. CGC is being held back from being able to grade any Hero Initiative blanks that are not submitted through Hero because of one guy. Now that Hero Initiative goes through they who shall not be named, that company cannot grade or verify them either. Kind of a move on Heroes part if you ask me especially since this wasn't ever put out until after a guy paid a large sum of money to have a blank cover created and the book had to be kicked back due to the policy. Big thing here, unless you want to have to go through that one company with an X in there name your book isn't going to be graded or verified.