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  1. I’m very excited to add this page to my collection. I now have 23 and 25, funny that 24 is the one I really am after 😂 Texeira Wolverine #66 page #23
  2. 😂 That’s a good assumption. I have my reader copy and a graded copy. I really do need a nice copy of #29 for that last page though 🤔
  3. Thanks Malvin, I was looking at a piece and it’s missing a notation and a dialogue box. At first I was just going to pass on it, but then I got to thinking, they’re not there, it is what it is. The Art is still gorgeous, can’t wait to share when it gets here
  4. Looks like a plague already culled the masses here, this place is a ghost town.
  5. Hey guys, long time. Some quick questions: Do missing stats bother you, Is that a non starter, does it lower the value? thanks guys
  6. My wife collects dolls, is part of all sorts of forums and what-not. There’s an odd trend right now of customizing baby dolls to look like monsters. Demons, Frankenstein, zombies, vampires... it’s freaky as all hell. This is just one customizer
  7. Be quick, it’s last day is Sunday the 7th.
  8. Unfortunately Mr. del Toro doesn’t want me touching his cool stuff
  9. We got some, but it was so crowded and some weird reflections on cases.