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  1. My wife collects dolls, is part of all sorts of forums and what-not. There’s an odd trend right now of customizing baby dolls to look like monsters. Demons, Frankenstein, zombies, vampires... it’s freaky as all hell. This is just one customizer
  2. Be quick, it’s last day is Sunday the 7th.
  3. Unfortunately Mr. del Toro doesn’t want me touching his cool stuff
  4. We got some, but it was so crowded and some weird reflections on cases.
  5. We went to the Guillermo del Toro exhibit at the ARt Gallery of Ontario yesterday, it was his collection from his own home on display. Among some really amazing pieces from his own, and other historically important films, was his collection of Frankenstein memorabilia. Seeing these in person was absolutely incredible, the amount of detail is staggering.
  6. Sorry Oak, I’ll try and visit more
  7. Hi fellas, No need to worry, just made some personal life changes that hasn’t left much time for clicking away on the internets. I also still really don’t like the new format of the boards, so rather than be annoyed by them, I just stopped visiting. I hope you all have wonderful holiday seasons and the new year brings you funny books at bargain basement prices.
  8. Thanks for the email Andy. I'm going to pass this year, I'm never online anymore. Hope you guys are doing well
  9. Does anyone know if an Hp psc 750 would work for scanning slabs?
  10. The Supergirl and the Legion of super-heroes #23 and the Harley #1 are both worth quite a bit.