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    Hello Marvel!

    The good old days of mail order, never knew if the place would actually have it in stock and it took forever on top of it. I would say I miss those days...but nope not at all. Cool to see that you still have some of that old stuff.
  2. Looks good to me. I have many from that generation of slab (9.6 or 9.8, modern, bronze, and even silver) all legit. The slab gen before that is even more notorious for the peeling labels on top. Nice book BTW!
  3. By no means am I an expert at spotting trimming. Though I agree with Lions Den about the two different levels of trimmers. Just zooming in as much as possible, it seems to be just normal wear over the years. I see at least one stain on the cover along with the black coloration in the price area, the cover seems to be fairly consistently worn all the way around, and the cover coloration looks like it matches. There are some other things to look for but without actually seeing the book in person, very difficult. Just seems like a much loved book that was purchased off the news stand back in the