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  1. When I think of super heroes and cartoons, I think of the Super Friends, more specifically Zan and Jayna...So how about Super Friends 7? I think that’s what you were asking...Kinda Sorta.
  2. I had my eye on that copy as well...Congrats, that’s a great looking book and should press out nicely!
  3. Wow...I see you've really fallen down the rabbit hole since we last spoke! Man the Snorks!!! I would have totally forgotten about them if it weren't for your post. Very cool!
  4. I'm looking for a centerfold for a TEC 140 so if you happen to have a loose one you don't mind parting with or maybe even a coverless missing some of the Riddler wraps type copy. Please let me know. Thanks!
  5. The auction closes tonight. The 1071 closes at 9:04PM and the 1072 closes at 9:05PM...So I guess if you're looking to snag the set and you want to keep up with the extended bidding, you'll need to use two computers...or maybe your computer and your phone...or tablet...Maybe you can open two windows? Don't mind me...Technology passed me by after the Atari 2600.
  6. I hadn’t realized either until about two or three years ago when I learned about Spirou right here on the boards as well.
  7. 7 days left until the auction closes. Each book is the second highest graded. Have a Smurf...Or Smurf a look...I don't know I flunked out of Smurf in the 3rd grade. Here's the link for 1071: Here's the link for 1072: And if those aren't the Smurfs you're looking for, I also have a raw copy for sale at my ebay store:
  8. This is how I’d love for all transactions to go down...Quick and fair negotiations with a cool easy going guy. Shipped same day, received in two...and packed up securely enough to withstand being trampled by a parade. Thanks again Troy!
  9. Picked up a Detective Comics 267 CGC 7.0 from George. The book was priced fairly, George was an easy guy to work with and the book arrived surprisingly fast (coming from Hawaii). I'd be happy and hope to do biz with George again. Thanks!
  10. A coverless copy popped up on ebay today, but centerfold...reminded me I should give this a bump.
  11. Hello All, I'm looking for a coverless or possibly remainder copy of Batman 121...I need a CF so I suppose if you have a blasted up coverless/incomplete copy that has the CF or you want to just sell the CF, that would be cool too. A remainder copy just sold for $130, so I'm using that somewhat as a price point. PM me and let me know what you got. Thanks! Matt-