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  1. This topic brings me back to my 1st days buying comics as a child. I recall getting a few single issues of E-Man at Woolworth in 1980. Perhaps they were de-bagged from the 3 packs. I also picked up a bunch of 3 packs in 1979/1980 from a generic discount store where as I recall they were 2 for $1
  2. "Ride the Tiger" Given the contents of the first post in this thread that seems to be incongruous customer service with CGCs statement. BTW Brittany and folks, The 14 day policy is rather stingy given the shipping time itself of the books reaching the customer can be 5-7 days depending on time of year, distance etc...Is there no room or interest in your business model for a more realistic 21 days and the increased customer satisfaction it would yield?
  3. Like many who have been in this hobby a while I consider any art Los Bros own to be tantamount to lost or destroyed. I then simply move on to pieces elsewhere. As a smart person once wrote a long time ago on the old comicart-l board regarding the Bros mind games; "No art is worth your dignity"
  4. That is an outstanding splash page and one that is very close to me I still maintain the Thanos Cosmic Cube Story from #39 not only the best Spidey Super Stories story of the run but the greatest Thanos story presented in Comic book form. The single thing that keeps it from being perfection is no Starlin pencils although Mortimer did outstanding work, IMHO The Cat [or is it Hellcat?] never looked so fine. The intro to Avengers 4 film needs to have Thanos negotiating the purchase of the copter and the silk screening of his name on the side!
  5. Been making trades for nearly 20 years now and some of my favorite art was obtained that way. As for buying for "trade bait" after many times of it simply not working out anywhere near as planned I went back to my original motto of NEVER buy something unless I like and intend to keep it. The attitudes of many dealers, especially the big names, who it used to be "fun" trading with, now skew towards difficult to downright nasty. Dealing with other collectors however still can be mutually beneficial, just be careful you know whom you are dealing with as there are many sharks swimming in the hobby as well as a plethora of flippers who in effect are "con men". I've found if a person has a gallery loaded with a certain title, character or artist that is likely they do not fall into the conman flipper category especially if their gallery has a long multiyear history. In addition making good contacts can be key.
  6. While I'll agree with Palmer, Cockrum did ink him on a couple of Avengers issues that I think look amazing. If you ever have an opportunity at one of those J Buscema/D Cockrum pages do not let it slip away!
  7. I had a holy original art grail that for 15 years I had hoped to find but never expected it would happen. Then one day in the back of some out of the way random comic shop there it was. Although it was not for sale, I left the shop owner with an offer anyhow. Eventually time passed and he contacted me and we did the deal. The thing is for me the moment it was in my possession all other comic art, comics and related collectibles lost a significant interest to me. While I am glad, nay blessed, to have the item museum framed on my home office wall, I do miss the good ol' days when my interest was higher in comic art. In effect the day i got my the holy grail top of the mountain was reached and for me at least no where to go but down
  8. Cover vs Splash? Assuming same artist(s), usually the cover will win out but at last some of the time imagery can be a key.
  9. A collector can have exactly 6 Grail's plus 1 Holy Grail
  10. Perception and interest is key and from where I stand i see very little of what i seek for sale in recent times.
  11. Answer is no and I'm a long time premium member. I feel premium membership is a must have for all those serious or active in the hobby . I use "uBlock origin" to block the elements I do not want. Greatly decreases loading time and allows for a cleaner look as well. BTW I think there is or was a ISP rehosting going on.
  12. This exact scenario happened to me two or three times last year with two dealers. It has caused me to lose nearly all faith in a lot of comic art dealers and is why I've been buying directly from collectors on CAF, instead of off a dealer's website. “The truth is that all men having power ought to b mistrusted.” - James Madison
  13. YES!!! The Cat, or is it Hellcat, too! I don't think this classic page of Thanos' defeat has been posted yet.