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  1. Thanks for the input everyone! I'm definitely getting it graded as it looks like a 9.8. Once I get it back I'll see if I'm able to part with it lol. Either way I bought it for $80 the first day it was released so it was a good investment.
  2. Thank you very much for getting back to me. I have a lot of great books that I should grade and sell, and you've convinced me to do so with this book. It's a hassle getting it done from Canada but I'll get it done! Thanks again!
  3. I'm in need of some pricing help. I have decided to part with my copy of Spawn #222 the rare Kudranski variant. I believe there are only 400-500 of these. However, I'm having a hard time finding any pricing info for this book. The only one I see for sale is a CGC 9.8 Signature series on eBay for like five grand. I believe my book would grade 9.8 but you never really know until you send it in. Anyways I will take any help I can to price this so I can bring it to market, thanks! (The picture is only a sample pic).
  4. Bump - I'll accept reasonable offers as well.
  5. Hey everyone, I have 4 books available today. Batman #612 (Second Printing Sketch Variant) CGC 9.8 - $140 USD The Amazing Spider-man #1 CGC 9.8, with a certificate from dynamic forces - $65 USD The Superior Spider-man #1 CGC 9.8, with a certificate from dynamic forces - $55 USD Superman #50 CGC 9.8 - $70 USD Shipping to United States is $30, and it's $25 within Canada. I try to package my books to be nearly bullet proof. I'm a true collector and I hate seeing books damaged in the mail. First reserves a book! Thanks!!
  6. Would also buy a cgc 9.8 copy if anyone has one coming in.
  7. Looking for a high grade, nm/m copy to get graded. Please private message if you're willing to sell one. (Canadian buyer). Thanks!
  8. Final price drop, then off to eBay. Thanks for looking.
  9. Feel free to PM me offers. Worst case scenario I'll say no.
  10. 2 books tonight people. The Dark Knight 1 CGC 9.9 (Mint) - $250 USD $200 $180 Demon Knights 1 CGC 9.9 (Mint) - $125 USD $100 $90 First gets the book. I'm shipping from Canada. Shipping within Canada is $25, and within the USA is $30. If you take both books I will obviously combine shipping. Thanks for looking and have a good night! -Brad
  11. price drop - $395 USD
  12. Like I said, I'm open to reasonable offers!