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  1. Thanks for the input everyone! I'm definitely getting it graded as it looks like a 9.8. Once I get it back I'll see if I'm able to part with it lol. Either way I bought it for $80 the first day it was released so it was a good investment.
  2. Thank you very much for getting back to me. I have a lot of great books that I should grade and sell, and you've convinced me to do so with this book. It's a hassle getting it done from Canada but I'll get it done! Thanks again!
  3. I'm in need of some pricing help. I have decided to part with my copy of Spawn #222 the rare Kudranski variant. I believe there are only 400-500 of these. However, I'm having a hard time finding any pricing info for this book. The only one I see for sale is a CGC 9.8 Signature series on eBay for like five grand. I believe my book would grade 9.8 but you never really know until you send it in. Anyways I will take any help I can to price this so I can bring it to market, thanks! (The picture is only a sample pic).
  4. Hey everyone, I have 4 books available today. Batman #612 (Second Printing Sketch Variant) CGC 9.8 - $140 USD The Amazing Spider-man #1 CGC 9.8, with a certificate from dynamic forces - $65 USD The Superior Spider-man #1 CGC 9.8, with a certificate from dynamic forces - $55 USD Superman #50 CGC 9.8 - $70 USD Shipping to United States is $30, and it's $25 within Canada. I try to package my books to be nearly bullet proof. I'm a true collector and I hate seeing books damaged in the mail. First reserves a book! Thanks!!
  5. Would also buy a cgc 9.8 copy if anyone has one coming in.
  6. Looking for a high grade, nm/m copy to get graded. Please private message if you're willing to sell one. (Canadian buyer). Thanks!
  7. 2 books tonight people. The Dark Knight 1 CGC 9.9 (Mint) - $250 USD $200 $180 Demon Knights 1 CGC 9.9 (Mint) - $125 USD $100 $90 First gets the book. I'm shipping from Canada. Shipping within Canada is $25, and within the USA is $30. If you take both books I will obviously combine shipping. Thanks for looking and have a good night! -Brad
  8. Like I said, I'm open to reasonable offers!