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  1. “Not a misprint -- we are offering fifteen pages of original art from this issue as one lot, with an additional two stat production pages included in the bargain. Alas, the one page from the book that featured Wolverine is not included here, but you do get the memorable face-off of those behemoths Wendigo and the Hulk, as well as some dramatic subplots.” From description
  2. I don’t understand Barks either, but he seems to rate high with quite a few people in a crossover way....Lynda Barry would have been great.
  3. I didn’t include Eisner because I was just responding to RRichard with my takeaways from the show.....Eisner was one of the all time greats in my opinion.
  4. I’ve only used it for comics, which is between the cover and the newsprint pages. So I would say you are correct with your guess
  5. Spiegelman also started RAW, which supported new voices And experimentation which opened up new avenues and innovations for Comics. Crumb folded in the hippy counterculture into comics (though he wasn’t the first, but he made it popular) and Panter did the same with the Punk counterculture, that’s why I believe he is there. Ware is a stellar draftsman and has a unique way of putting the whole history of comics into a singe Page (when he’s on) and making it something personal at the same time. To me Ware is comics entry into post-modernism. Anyway, that is what I took away from their inclusion, just my opinion.
  6. Rumor is.....they tried to improve/correct some of the poor restoration and and really messed it up.
  7. The show took up two museums here in LA, I personally thought they could have included less work by a few more artists. I think they were also trying to show movement in the medium and content which is why it moves, for example, from superheroes (Kirby) to underground (crumb) to contemporary (ware/Panter). I don’t think it was necessarily about who the “best” artists are but more along the lines of who twisted the genre in a new direction. There are also artists mentioned in the catalog that weren’t in the show.
  8. I enjoyed the show, and thought it was definitely a good start. I also was a bit annoyed there were no women. I also think it wasnt expansive enough, they should have included more artists, maybe double. but hey, I think as these types of shows progress we will see them morph into something better.
  9. I'd have essentially the same, swap Ware and Herriman for Miller on mine.
  11. looks like a great show