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  1. “In a statement, eBay said it swiftly reviews and removes items it suspects may be fakes when it receives a complaint. “Counterfeits and unauthorized copies are illegal and not welcome on any of eBay’s sites,” it said.“..........yeah.......right.
  3. All this mention of 150k banana and not one mention of the duct tape
  6. Crossing my fingers they don’t f##k it up.
  7. Probably everyone else thought that too! Ha!
  8. ive read a few of these articles with no mention of Harvey Kurtzman, from what I’ve read in the past, Kurtz was very involved in the creation of Mad.....thoughts? Insights anyone.....
  9. Great! I used to own one of those! I sold or traded all my Marvel twice ups, so I’ll have to live vicariously through the posters here.
  10. Ha! I bought some of those for driving back in the 80s! I was maybe 19 or 20.......
  13. I watched that, very uninspired bidding, I read somewhere the estimate was around 2 million +