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  1. picked up a Spidey #252 copy. just looking for MTU #141 CGC 9.6 or Marvel Age #12 CGC 9.6 also a Spidey #316 CGC 9.6. thanks
  2. Hello looking for Amazing Spiderman #252 CGC 9.6 Marvel Team-Up #141 CGC 9.6 and Marvel Age #12 CGC 9.6 thanks
  3. Hello boardie's Bought this pages as Russ Heath art DC Comics 1979/80 unpublished. Book ended with issue #181. Any idea who's the artist if not Russ Heath??? Thanks
  4. Hello fellow boardie's looking for Phoenix Features: Flamingo comic strips from Month of July this are marked with month and dated. selling or trading please PM me. thanks Example:
  5. All the Hitler covers are classic, Golden Age
  6. Incase a Baker fan wants to own some original Baker art. This pages are not done by Matt Baker more like Jerry Iger telling the Iger Shop staff to mimic Baker. They resemble John Thornton style. Matt Baker left Iger Shop in 1948 and later freelance Flamingo comic strip. I believe Jack Kamen was already over at EC? 1953
  7. can we see those flame-thrower covers behind you. Specially that Baker cover. thanks
  8. this book its on my want list. agree love that cover art.
  9. Also came across this sale on bay. dtacoll was first them second seller with same picture pop up. very misleading...
  10. Interesting we’re there a complete run of the St John Fightin Marines 1-12??? So far I seen Salida copy #11 and now #6