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  1. Leaning towards more swiping Baker. The inking looks heavy handed. Baker freelancing for DC??? 1954
  2. Same here, HTF in high grade. wonder why this was published under approved comics title and not under the Fightin Marines!!!
  3. Beautiful copy, I can still remember the day I bought it on eBay. Upgraded to a 4.5 >>>GLWTS.
  4. The closest to Baker it’s Bakerish, I doubt it’s Baker cover.
  5. All pictures Adventure #1 it’s now label by cgc Baker cover. That book it’s really hard to find. goes well with the fightin marines Baker books 1-12.
  6. What happen to tommyfoxwood?? this collector was full of golden age comics and art. Someone mention he was sick. He disappeared from eBay. hopefully his doing well. His name was Dave, that’s all I can remember. Google shows many forum threads mentioning his eBay name.
  7. Thanks -you knew him? He was offering lots beautiful golden age stuff on eBay.