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  1. From the July auction, looked and looked for a while, these seem impossible to find in top grade. 1 of 6 9.8
  2. ASM 359 $15 New Mutants 100 $5 Invincible IM Campbell 1 $3 @ 20% off
  3. Son of Satan #2 9.4 $15 Strange Tales #173 9.0 $4 10% off thank you
  4. How is starting a thread here going to be “evidence” in your eBay case?
  5. I had one years ago and jumped for joy when I sold it for 400, and regretted it ever since. Great buy, enjoy it, I doubt you ever see another out there, at least not in the shape this one is in. Again, well done.
  6. Thank you for saving me 1500 bucks. This has been nagging me for days on whether to buy or not. Great book, well done seller and buyer
  7. Spiderman 363 NM+ $10 all 4 copies per PM, and if you still have the other 3 books I claimed two posts above this one, I'm good for those as well. Sorry I didnt notice the dates, I just saw it at the top of my feed this morning, and some takes over the last few hours. Just let me know, we'll work it out.
  8. Spectacular Spiderman 233 $4 ASM Ann. 28 $4 Hulk 300 $6
  9. I always forget about that Mcfarlane sketch on the back color of wolverine 6. Great books and great prices. 👍🏿