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  1. check out the census numbers on this run of books -criminally low
  2. Most folks that are cheerleaders for Price Variants are!
  3. I had been looking for this book for a while. No 9.8s in the census (yet), next highest grade is 9.6, with 6 of those (no SS). Just an incredibly hard book to turn up in the wild, and in decent shape. Would have paid double what I won it for.
  4. I think you could add G.I. Joe 155 and Cry For Dawn #1 to that list and not offend anyone.
  5. Great buying show for me as usual. I just go on Fridays, so the 1 o’clock start instead of the 10 o’clock start really grinds my gears. Dealers have always seemed easier to work with at the show, I’m not sure if it is because it’s not a huge show, but being reasonable and having cash works out well most of the time, there are still dealers that are willing to go down with the ship on their books instead of “deal.” I am not by any means in avid con attendee, but this is the only show I go to every year now, and it pays for it self a couple times over with the buying opportunities at the show for me. The only other issue with this show is that the CGC booth is pretty much a square in the middle of the comic vendor section, and I get that, of course it is, but the Con needs to figure out a better way to not only organize the lines for drop off‘s and all that , but I have dedicated staff to manage those lines. It doesn’t really interfere with what I’m doing, but it seems like the dealers in that area have to put up with an extra ration of mess with everyone in line making it so it is impossible to get to the dealers merch. CGC could help this along as well. Overall, another great year at a great show, and a fun little city. And Sherilyn Fenn was there, and she’s still smoking hot.
  6. I won’t be getting into Baltimore in till around 8 o’clock tonight, just enough time to check in, go to Phillips for dinner, go to bed. Sorry I can’t help out, I would no problem if I could get into town earlier.I would no problem if I could get into town earlier.
  7. Last year a bunch of tickets were on Groupon, not the case this year. Anyone have a source for a discounted ticket for Friday?
  8. Its weird, this thread is as much of a support/self-help thread for all of the folks still holding onto these books thinking they are going maintain any real value when the show folds, as much as it is a thread for people rave about how valuable these books were, are, and will be. Its like the Good Will Hunting of comic book thread.