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  1. One of the books I always have mean to buy before it goes nuts and stays nuts, and finally had a reason to pull the trigger, I'm into the Savannah Pedigree books, as alot of them bleed over into the late bronze/Copper era.
  2. From the September auction, just like the Marvel Preview 8, I had looked and looked for a while for a HG copy, just impossible to find in top grade, but paid less than I thought I would have to pay. 1 of 6 9.8
  3. Well its good you got appointed Judge in your Fake Court of Opinion, you have that going for you.
  4. For someone that has absolutely nothing in this, you sure think you do.
  5. • 1st unqualified or PM gets the book. • Shipping in the U.S. is $19.30 for one slab - but possibly less depending on your zip code or type of slab. • Other shipping will be at cost. • Orders over $200 add $2.60 to shipping for Signature Confirmation. • Raw books will be shipped USPS Priority mail at cost. • International shipping will be at cost and it's expensive. Canada is around $40 for 1 slab. 10 raw books to Canada is around $40. I’ll only ship USPS Priority internationally. • No probation listers or Hall of Shamers. • Boardies without long track records or unknown to me must provide solid references. • Checks or money orders only. (PayPal is ok if I know you or you have plenty of references.) • Payment required within 3 days of invoicing. • No returns on CGC books. Raw books may be returned if I’m notified within 5 days of delivery and books are returned within 2 weeks. No refunds on shipping costs. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006) 1st Appearance of Amadeus Cho Hulk CGC 9.8 with White Pages. $1195.00 Thank you for having a look. Buyer will receive this item shipped in a new CGC-sized mailer, contained in a properly-sized box with bubble wrap. This box is what ComicLink uses to mail books. Please pay within three days, this item usually ships within 24 hours, and at the latest 3 days. Sorry for the glare on the pictures, should you need any other photos, just send me a message. Thank you for looking!
  6. JFC What else can I do to hold your hand while you buy and sell comic books.
  7. From the July auction, looked and looked for a while, these seem impossible to find in top grade. 1 of 6 9.8