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  1. Or maybe its not that at all, maybe I didnt care enough to stand around in terms of ultimately to whom I gave my cash to in terms of the book that I wanted. From the first year I went to this Con, I check to see what boardies have booths in this thread (or that particular year's thread) and go to see them first, and if it works out, try to throw my business their way. Its worked out great in the past, and those interactions at the Con has lead to multiple purchases by me with these guys throughout the year. I eventually bought the book I was interested in from another dealer, that was - get this - actually engaged in interacting with customers and potential customers and not too busy talking about other boardies on here. Maybe save that stuff for your awesome crabcake dinner down at Phillips or whatever, who knows. But maybe you are on to something there, I'll keep that in mind.
  2. Okay show this time around, never bothered to really pour over the retailer list, and the one retailer I hit up every year and drop most of my cash didnt come this year, and I never checked it, so I left with around a grand more than I thought I would. Otherwise, mostly overpriced, rehashed stuff this year it seemed, but for as good as this show is for just comic buying and selling, it is an end of the year show, so maybe that factor kicked in a little bit more this time around. For you boardies with booths too busy bullsh1tting with other boardies talking about what some other boardies do or dont have at their booths, and you cant take two minutes to talk to me about a potential sale at your booth, hope the gossiping like a sewing circle was worth it, you missed out on cash.
  3. Found this doing a quick search, not horrible considering it sold completely opened (from August 2019):
  4. I think they are collectible in the sense that is a version of one of the greatest comic books of all time, top 5 copper book. Print run would be interesting to see, I’m with you there. I think as a sellable item I leave it alone and sell it sealed, but I’m not going to say I wouldn’t mind seeing the inside if that book. But I can’t see CGC grading it if it came out of the package.
  5. But that goes both ways. I have been on here for 10 years or so, and strictly buy. There are guys on here that the Herd tends to deem "respectable," but these same folks are guys that I have done an in their sell thread, and then the book mysteriously disappears, or isnt available, or some other lie. I wont deal with them ever again, nor will they be buying stuff from me in a sell thread if I ever have to or care to make one. It isnt a big enough deal to start a probation thread about, but other folks dont buy from sellers on here even though they are the greatest things since sliced bread on here.
  6. Anyone recognize this, and more particularly, the comic in the back? I dont see anything in the census that would resemble it, and I doubt they would grade it anyway. Just found it, cant remember how or where I got it. Any insight would be appreciated.
  7. Less than 100 9.8s of an insanely popular book doesn’t hurt either.
  8. Red Sonja 33 JSC Cover - NM+ 9.6 - $7.00 Silver Surfer 100