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  1. Looking for a spawn 183, not many 9.8's out there so I am willing to take a raw 9.8 candidate. Not sure what a fair price is, but what I see on Ebay is more than I am willing to pay. Say $50 for a raw 9.8 and $200 for a graded. Just think it is a cool cover. And I have no idea if they even made a newsstand edition for it or not. Thanks for looking.
  2. Reminds me of Anthony Castrillo. He is now trying to sell on Facebook. Got pretty mad when I brought up his past.
  3. Keith helped me get a book I was looking for, and is super good to work with!!!
  4. I think that $150 is going to drop. One just sold on eBay for $81 Unfortunately I was not available to bid on it.
  5. Thanks for that. Seems like lots are on Ebay now. Most are 9.6's though.
  6. With the end of Mad Magazine I thought this would be a good time to finally part with my old Mad books. All on the top row are first prints. Usual rules: No bad people (probation or Hall of Shame) I like money and am not very picky on how you want to give it to me. PayPal is great, cash in a small unmarked bills, MO, check. The last couple will probably delay shipping. I don’t sell much and shipping is hard to calculate so let’s just include that in the price for US customers, international we can split actual cost. Price, probably the most important part let’s go with $60. Thanks for looking, Chris
  7. Label says signed on 19th page. Seems like an odd place, any reason?
  8. @fastballspecialThanks, Ken and I still talk once in a while. He was also writing the Happy TV show, where he named one of the minor characters after me. Weird seeing my name in the credits for like 3 or 4 episodes.