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  1. I am looking for a 9.8 copy of Spawn 100 Ashley Wood variant. $150. Let me know if you have one for sale 👍
  2. Is this why I just saw this?
  3. So here is one on EBay, but I might recommend buyer beware. Sent the seller a message but he ignored me.
  4. Love this whole thread! Just want to add one question for consideration. When did bagging and boarding comics become a thing? I began collecting in 1983 and it was a thing at that time. It instilled me with some thought of taking care of the condition of my comics. But when Hulk 181 came out how much thought was there to preserving the condition.
  5. Definitely not closed down to just CCS. I don’t have a list but can recommend They have some of mine right now.
  6. I have always found it interesting that date stamps on comics don't count against the grade.
  7. Good luck on your search. When I got her it cost $425 (sig, book, grading), not sure if she is doing anymore signings.
  8. Wow Nichelle Nichols really changed her signature. Great book!
  9. Bump. And I am not interested in the one on EBay being sold by a fake charity.