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  1. It's pretty hot here this time of year I'd recommend hanging on to the books for a few months before coming. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.
  2. I don't know exactly, they took 20 of his books back with them when they picked up the AF15s and said he can bring another 12 to a Con in Ft. Lauderdale next week for signings.
  3. CGC sent someone from Sarasota to pick the books up in person. He didn't ship them back. They did give my buddy something on the order of 30 free grading credits for the help.
  4. They may have taken the opportunity to pose for a few pictures before returning them however.
  5. Ever have CGC send you someone else's package? Well it happened to my friend yesterday. He was expecting a few books back, nothing special just some modern SS books he had signed and graded at Megacon, but he got something entirely different. Much to his surprise, when he opened the package he got not 1, not 2, but 3 copies of AF15. Apparently the owner of these books had a very sad day, because he got my friends books instead, LOL. Fortunately for the person who owns these AF15's no shenanigans were going on, my friend is an honest guy and a LEO. They were returned.
  6. They're cool little watches. I'm surprised I haven't gotten any takers yet. Great for a watch lover or a Spider-Man fan. Ill drop the price to $100 shipped in USA.
  7. Forgot to add this when I posted the thread. Here's a link to my youtube channel where I reviewed these 3 watches.
  8. CLOSED MOVED TO EBAY Spiderman Limited Edition Fossil Watches I am selling my Spiderman Limited Edition Fossil Watches. They were produced in 1994 and Volume 1, 2, and 3 are all included in this sale. The conditions of the watches are all excellent. The stickers have been removed to replace the batteries and there is very slight wear on the leather straps where the buckle attaches. The finish on these watches feature a "faux" patina making the watches appear old/vintage. Everything that originaly came with the watches is included, including the plastic outer slip cases. The slip cases and boxes have slight shelf wear but are overall in very good condition. I am asking $120 $100 shipped (USA only) for all 3 watches, payment via paypal. via PM or thread is fine, first person to claim wins, with the exception that I reserve the right to decline to sell to any member at my discretion. Here's a link to my youtube channel, where I extensively reviewed these watches.
  9. I gave the rest of these books away locally since there seemed to be little interest here. They're no longer available.
  10. Here's some free books for whoever wants them, you pay shipping. Just say which ones you want in the thread and PM me.
  11. Spiderman Omnibus Editions, Ultimate Spiderman TPB Collection, Y the Last Man TPB Collection Rules:No members HOS/Probation First "I'll Take It" via PM or Thread will winHowever, I reserve the right to refuse a sale to any individual for any reasonShipping via Media Mail Included within CONUS, No sales outside USPayment via Paypal within 3 days, If you buy send me your email and I will send you an Invoice Conditions on the Omnibus Editions are great with minor shelf wear as expected on the dust cover, edges and corners. Condition on the TPB lots are very good, the books are complete with wear as you would expect from having been read a few times. Some of the TPB issues were library editions that had stickers on the spines. Ultimate Spider-man Complete TPB Lot - $75 SOLD $65 Shipped SOLD ASM McFarlane Omnibus (1st Print) - SOLD $150 $125 Shipped SOLD ASM Omnibus Vol 1 (2nd Print) - SOLD $50 Shipped SOLD ASM Omnibus Vol 2 (1st Print) - SOLD $50 Shipped SOLD ASM Roger Stern Omnibus (1st Print) - SOLD $50 Shipped SOLD Spider-man McFarlane Omnibus (1st Print) - SOLD $40 Shipped SOLD Y the Last Man Complete TPB Lot - SOLD $40 Shipped SOLD