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  1. Great book. I really enjoy the animal/human covers with symmetry. Exciting 61 (panther) and Exciting 66 (eagle) come to mind.
  2. Does anyone know what the More Fun 54 8.5 went for?
  3. Hi everyone. To provide a little more context, here's the data ( n = 130). The means reflect the average rankings (the lower the better). Regarding the voting, Tec 31 was the clear winner. Suspense 3 was clearly the silver medalist. Fantastic 3 edged out Punch 12 for third. Fifth through twentieth was a tight race. We also provide the average ranking for the funny books that finished 21-40. 1) Detective 31, 8.09 2) Suspense 03, 10.66 3) Fantastic 3, 14.28 4) Punch 12, 14.9 5) Phantom Lady 17, 16.22 6) More Fun 54, 16.62 7) Superman 14, 16.71 8) Startling 49, 17.74 9) Detective 29, 17.94 10) All Select 1, 18.51 11) Detective 35, 19.24 12) Silver Streak 6, 19.47 13) Captain America 3, 19.65 14) Marvel Mystery 9, 19.74 15) USA Comics 7, 19.79 16) Batman 11, 19.81 17) Captain America 37, 20.09 18) Great Comics 3, 20.46 19) Wonderworld 7, 20.55 20) Detective 18, 20.62 21) Daring Mystery 1, 21.14 22) Pep 34, 21.72 23) All American 61, 21.84 24) Mask 2, 21.93 25) Captain America 74, 22.28 26) Hit 5, 22.3 27) Catman 31, 22.33 28) Action 2, 22.93 29) Mystic 7, 22.98 30) Seven Seas, 4 23.16 31) Detective 69, 23.46 32) Dynamic 8, 23.73 33) National 16, 23.76 34) Suspense 08, 23.95 35) Real Life 3, 24.12 36) Captain America 2, 24.28 37) Captain Marvel Jr 4, 24.35 38) Amazing Mystery Funnies 25, 24.72 39) Headline 08, 25.02 40) Hit 18, 28.86
  4. <3 Nice book Second best Schomburg airbrush cover behind Startling 49?
  5. .... for me, they all have that little extra appeal due to their uniqueness, but each title has it's standouts. I've always been drawn to books that have both nice covers and appealing interior craftsmanship as well. As a lover of Si-Fi , I can understand where the Wonder and Startling titles get the boost, but the jungle books have some real sharp material also. The Thrillings have a handful of issues that have some really well done Frazetta work inside and can be some of the few bargains a Frazetta lover can still find. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) Jimbo, good point about the interiors. And, I should have clarified. I still enjoy most Thrilling covers - and own them all. Just relative to Exciting, Wonder, and Startling they are not as consistently strong. That's a better way of wording it.
  6. Here is a question ; If none of us here are paying these new record prices on these non-key (or at least very minor key) GA books then who is? An investor class group that is not really that educated in comic price fluctuations? New hobbyists with deep pockets? I'm not really talking about a Planet 29 going for a few hundred higher than expected, but rather the Spitfire and the Startling and some of these other extreme cases. Good question Rick. I *thought* I had a good handle on GGA. But in the last few auctions, my bids haven't been competitive. What's moving the prices? Perhaps the Mile High 49 breaking the 100k barrier brought more attention to this niche ?
  7. I don't think anyone mentioned the Startling 53, 9.4 double cover going for over 8k!! Wow. Was thinking that was a $4500-$5500 book.
  8. Have always thought that the Excitings don't get as much attention as they deserve. Book for book I think they stack up well against the Wonders and Startlings. #57 (bow and arrow), 60 (shark), 61 (panther), 62 (just great colors), and 66 (red eagle) are among my favs!! And that's no disrespect to the Wonders and Startlings. Just saying Exciting doesn't get enough love. Thrilllings - with a couple notable exceptions - have weaker XELA art.
  9. Indeed! I missed it the first time. I might as well add to it, Borock's explanation from his Facebook comments of determining the pedigree change CGC was confident that the book came from Crowley, a fact relatively easy to verify given the way the Crowley copies came to market. It would be interesting to know if there is any reason to doubt that. If it did come from Crowley and is the Church copy, then it was purchased by Crowley and that is an interesting fact. Wouldn't that negate Crowley as a pedigree if they aren't original owner? Yeah, I was a little surprised to learn that some pedigrees have a number of non-original-owner books. Here's the description of the Windy City pedigree via I added the bolding. WINDY CITY One of four pedigree collections to contain all #1 issues, the Windy City is by far the largest, numbering over 2000 comics. It also covers a span of time nearly unparalleled in pedigreed collections, running from the '30s up through the '60s. Even the sale itself was eight years in the making, causing Gary Colabuono, the top bidder for the collection, many a sleepless night. Nearly every #1 issue imaginable is in there, such as Marvel Comics #1 (CGC 9.0), Captain America #1 (CGC 8.5), Batman #1, Flash #1, Captain Marvel #1, All-Winners #1, Daring Mystery #1 and Whiz #1. But there was no copy of Action #1, the ultimate key issue conspicuously absent from all but three of the 45 pedigreed collections covered here. Just like the various titles represented in the Windy City collection, so are the grades of each book. Many were bought second-hand by the owner, Andy Wallace (whose name appears on nearly 1/4 of the comics), an introverted postal worker who lived with his sister. Because the collection entered the market in 1986, long before the pedigree concept had become part of the hobby's landscape, most of the books made their way into private collections anonymously. CGC has only graded slightly more than 50 Windy City copies to date, a paltry 3% of the overall collection. Like the Okajima and Cosmic Aeroplane pedigrees that were assimilated without recognition, unidentified Windy City copies could be sitting in your collection right now.
  10. Comic books will get you through times of no money better than money through times of no comics.
  11. Getting a rare, coveted book is one of the best aspects of the golden age because it is so hard to do. And, I do love a good challenge so the avalanche of last second losses strangely, painfully, spurs me on
  12. I've always loved the colors from this underwater Xela cover! Next to the Startling 49, what would board members say are the next highest demand Xela airbrushed covers? Startling 47, 48, and Wonder 15 are likely the hottest. Prices of Startling 47 & 48 have recently been close to those of Wonder 15 grade for grade, which is crazy to me.
  13. 77K That's really low. What did most people think the grade actually was? 7.5? Yep, I have been scratching my head on this one too. Why didn't this book go for 100k+? 9.0s have exceeded 200k recently. So, one would think an 8.5 would be in the 115-140k range. Maybe the red label confused some folks? As gadzukes mentioned, perhaps soft grading. The top front cover has some issues, but nothing extreme. To my eye, it is at least an 8.0.