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  1. That beauty turned up on eBay a few weeks back. I chickened out when it was shipping from Mexico. Congratulations on a fantastic piece!
  2. Just six more postings for me on the Halloween countdown. I have the whole story, but here are a couple of choice pages of “A Game of Hide and Seek” , published in Vampirella #65. Beautifully illustrated by Leo Duranona. I really enjoy his line work.
  3. Continuing the countdown to Halloween, I’ve another piece for tonight. I suppose I’m a bit of a broken record with all of the Sanjulian and Enric pieces, but horror is the subject. This image should look familiar to Warren fans.
  4. Today I have another of the large scale pencil pieces by Enric Torres-Prat. These are 19.5” wide by 29.5” tall.
  5. Unfortunately, I also bought three books from that same seller on eBay. It's quite obvious to me that the scans do not match the books I received. Not worth my time to return them, but I won't buy from them again.
  6. My contribution for today is this Sanjulian penciled Vampirella playing card piece. In my collection, this is my favorite Sanjulian non-painting.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Surprised That it was perfectly legible. Funny that Wells considered the story dated and Hitch agreed. Any mention, though, of Marnie now gives me the willies after watching the documentary a few years ago.
  8. Dang, you did it to me again. More stuff I’ll need to hunt down.
  9. Such a gorgeous cover and a reminder of how great this chapter of BWS’s artistic career Turned out to be.
  10. Here is my countdown to Halloween daily offering brought to you by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. This piece entitled “Pair of Queens” by Dave Dorman for an anniversary video collection of Aliens made it into my collection a couple of years ago. Fun to have a piece you can turn 180 degrees for a new look. Thanks, Dave!
  11. I fell in love with this Esteban Maroto piece the moment I saw it. When he was on, he was ON. I'm always a sucker for great line work. It’s a twice up page and didn’t quite fit properly in the scanner, so sorry for the cut off top.
  12. One of my recent mag purchases graded 9.6 wp has a sun shadow across the length of the bottom of the back cover. Grrrrrrr. Not an acceptable flaw on a 9.6 to me ever. There was no back cover scan by the seller, or I would have passed.