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  1. That’s a top quality week in mag collecting, great pickups one and all!
  2. Couldn’t agree more. If we could only get him to offer these babies to his pals in the forum first rather than fight the eBay hoards, he might reach the pinnacle of perfection!
  3. Nevermind, I didn’t realize nothing has been updated as sold.
  4. If you’re looking at these three, TFTC 40 is the winner here. The cover alone is enough of a reason. One of the absolute best Davis covers, and that’s saying something. I personally would rank the VOH 28 second, although maybe the best stories here for me. The Craig cover is great, and a the coloring shows just how superior Marie was to anyone else at the time. Buy what you like. You can’t go wrong.
  5. An upgrade of the anthology today! Sorry for the shadow of my phone.
  6. Is your intent to sell the book? For me, that would be a factor.
  7. Rich Corben arrived on the Warren scene at the dawn of 1971. He delivered so much great material there through the decade, and did some other cool things like coloring Eisner Spirit stories for the inserts. The art style was quite distinctly his own and created a three dimensional texture that blew my young mind. You felt like you could reach into the panels. Thanks for all the wonderful memories.
  8. Much like others here I’m sure, I consider Steve one of the best, yet maybe under appreciated artists of the modern era. Nexus was ground breaking and was one of my three favorite titles when it came out. I realize I really need more of his art in my collection. I did pick up this Guardian origin double page splash a few years ago from Legends of the DC Universe. Inked by Reinhold.
  9. I haven’t gotten mine yet. As I remember the solicitation, I can’t figure out why they decided to make this clearly “sexy” character a 15 or 16 years old. Bumps me on it. Did theychange that it the final product?
  10. Happy to assist. The bags that I’ve received the mags in were so awful, I had to find some solution. Now if there were drawer boxes that fit the graded mags, that would really help.
  11. A few pictures of the fitment below for your reference.