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  1. I sincerely hope it was someone here that took me out at the end on the cover proof for the original cover of #39. Later used in reverse image and with color revisions for the cover of #96.
  2. They have the unenviable position of also having to please the person who submitted the books and is paying them to be graded. I probably wouldn’t be very popular in that situation.
  3. I’ll be closing the thread at the end of the day, so if there are any left you want, today is the time. Thanks everyone!
  4. They’re very cool issues. I think my raw copies look nicer in the case of these two.
  5. Between all the shipping damage and tooling costs to make the shells, a money losing project unless they charged a ridiculous amount to do it.
  6. Maybe when I recover from scanning trauma one day I’ll start to chronicle them There are surely some amazing mag collections around here, mine is just one of many.
  7. I think I can safely say that there is some interest in magazines around here. I concluded a mag thread last week, and it had 65k in views.
  8. I think I may have an addiction to mags. A lot going out this week, but couldn’t stop myself from bringing a few more home.
  9. Speaking of which, I have all the books assembled, and have my handwritten invoices done, so will type them up in pm’s and have them all to you tonight. Here is the Ottoman Empire update for today:
  10. They were, but now they're yours! Marked them, added them to your list and pulled for your group. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the kind words! As usual, feel free to add from anything left. I'll update the recap in the morning, and work on invoices by the afternoon. Since I'll be gone until Monday, will hope for payments by then and I'll pack like a madman Monday/Tuesday to get out all your goodies. Goodnight all.
  12. Well, that will, in fact end the thread. If you remember back to the "What We Need Right Now" thread in the Magazines section, Randall Dowling called upon me to release the sixth, seventh and eighth undercopies. Since I started last fall, that's what I've been doing. With what's in this thread, I've sold over 1200 magazines here on the boards, and this thread was extra copies of any issued I had more than three extra of, which is why the runs weren't complete. I couldn't have done any of this without your support and the support of so many great boardies over the last couple of years. I'll be back maybe in September to start working down the duplicate mags from other publishers. Thanks so very much for making it fun and keeping me busy through the long hours of posting. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.
  13. Vampirella Annual 3.5 $35 The only standalone annual for the series features what would have been the cover for Vampirella 1 back in 1969. Thankfully, some fella named Frank stepped in to kick it off right. You also get an updated origin story in this issue. Back in the day, the annual was more valuable than the first issue. Just one to post tonight. SOLD TO CHASINGKINGKIRBY