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  1. It definitely detracts from the books when you look at them. I had initially thought it might be on the outside, but after closer inspection, found it to be inside as you observed.
  2. I have at least 25 magazine slabs with this issue. Very annoying considering the premium charged and the long wait times. Seems that qc doesn’t consider it a problem in most cases.
  3. Having rights to a property does not mean it will ever get made. Looks like these guys are buying up some options, but appear to have gotten one thing actually made that I’ve never heard of before visiting their site. I smell another B movie if it ever sees the light of day in today’s social environment of censorship and pseudo moral high ground. I love the anthology series idea. I had high hopes for Nicotero’s Creepshow series made for Shudder, but the scripts were really weak. Now the Warren mags would have plenty of adaptable material ready to go. Plenty of magazines to
  4. Besides what you have listed, a few others come to mind, including some on the fringe. Take what you like, leave the rest. Dracula Lives Gothic Tales of Love Haunt of Horror Howard the Duck Legion of Monsters (1 shot) Masters of Terror Monster Madness Monsters of the Movies Monsters to Laugh With Monsters Unleashed Monsters Unlimited Nightmare on Elm Street Nostalgia Illustrated Photo News Features Pussycat (1 shot) Punisher Tales of the Zombie The Tomb of Dracula I guess that was more than a fe
  5. One of the many reasons to go out of your way to see Frazetta paintings in person. The techniques and build up of material lend a very different experience to paintings youve seen images of for decades. I surely was shocked and delighted myself.
  6. Thanks Wombat! I have sent him an email, great stuff.
  7. Night Gallery really was the scariest thing on tv at the time, and the paintings were genuinely disturbing, but somehow oddly alluring. I didn’t realize that these prints existed. Thanks for sharing.
  8. These are really cool! Does he have a place where he sells pieces, or is it something where you have to contact him for what he might have? Looks like he’s in Spain.
  9. As someone who was obsessed with monster movies as a kid, I’m ridiculously excited for the new Kong v. Godzilla movie. I enjoyed the last one, King of the Monsters quite a bit.