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  1. Hey everyone, happy Sunday! Currently I'm trying to finish two of my gaming collections so I wanted to ask here in case anybody has anything laying around that want to sell. If you have anything available, shoot me a DM
  2. It's like after I finished reading #100 when it first came out, I'm trying to tell myself it didn't happen ?
  3. *Batman: Dark Victory #1-13 $35 NM+
  4. Out of print/production. Basically looking to find statues that are were sold out In the past
  5. Aside from eBay, what's another good source to purchase OOP statues?
  6. Anybody have any info on when the Wolverine vs Hulk statue is going to come out?
  7. even sadder he hasn't come back after his failure to put it in tags.... Na, not going too. The news has spread far and wide by now. You took a big ol' spoiler dump in TWD thread and then was such an azzhat when people called you out on it, you refused to put your comments in spoiler tags. Again, you , I did not reveal any spoilers. I suggested people sell a particular book because it was soon to become worthless. No spoiler was revealed. Go back into your hole. Nope, you spolied..... Very much so. You even ran out of there knowing it. Didn't run anywhere. Made my point. Now off. So much hatred in your heart. Who hurt you?