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  1. Zolnerowich is underrated for sure. His best covers are as good as anybody's. I've posted this one in other threads, but I don't mind posting it again.
  2. Take Nice pick-up. That book has been growing on me ever since I saw one in another board member's sig line.
  3. I think it'll be in that same ballpark—right around $41K. $50K wouldn't surprise me, but neither would $30K.
  4. These are arguably the best non-key, non-horror GA covers: Adventure Comics 46 Batman 7 Captain America Comics 3 Detective Comics 31 Exciting Comics 32 Fight Comics 20 Green Hornet Comics 24 Headline Comics 8 Ibis the Invincible 4 Jackpot Comics 7 Keen Detective Funnies 20 Liberty Scouts Comics 3 Marvel Mystery Comics 9 National Comics 16 OK Comics 2 Pep Comics 34 Quick-Trigger Western 14 (not GA, but it was either that or Queen of the West Dale Evans 3) Red Dragon Comics 7 Seven Seas Comics 4 Target Comics 7 USA Comics 9 Victory Comics 1 Weird Comics 2 X-Venture 1 Young Allies 5 Zip Comics 9
  5. The 8.0 Pennsylvania copy of USA 14 is another one I wish I'd gone after in a CConnect auction. I could not have outbid the actual buyer (board member sartre) if he really wanted it, though, so most likely I would have just ended up bidding him up. (The book has since been re-slabbed as a 9.0.) same here. That is actually why i grabbed this one. i did bid on the penn copy but obviously not enough. i kick myself but then i remember who i was bidding against: sarte. at least it went to a good home. Agreed. Steve's one of the good guys. I never mind losing out on a book to another collector. What bugs me is when I don't go after a book and then I see it listed for sale the day after the auction for twice the price.
  6. USA #14 is one of my all time favorite covers. The 8.0 Pennsylvania copy of USA 14 is another one I wish I'd gone after in a CConnect auction. I could not have outbid the actual buyer (board member sartre) if he really wanted it, though, so most likely I would have just ended up bidding him up. (The book has since been re-slabbed as a 9.0.)
  7. I can't say I take comics seriously enough to be very bothered by any regrets, at least not compared to regrets about other life choices, but one book does come to mind. Back in 2012 the 6.0 Diamond Run copy of Tec 36 was on the block in a ComicConnect auction, and I didn't go after it. It would have been a massive purchase for me, but I could have gone higher than the winning bid. Those early Tecs have now climbed out of reach for me in anything but beater grades.
  8. This book is listed as a Buy-it-now on eBay for 30 days because 30 days is the default. I probably won't leave it up that long. It's a very fresh pedigree book. I bought it slabbed, but it's likely that it was pressed before I bought it. http://m.ebay.com/itm/322392988145?NAV=HOME
  9. From one raven-haired butt-kicking beauty to another.
  10. The fact that the 9.2 was bumped to 9.6 was brought up by me shortly after it did. http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=9102311 So no, we didn't take long at all to figure it out. The was for if it sold for 50K as a 9.2 (yeah, I know when and where it sold too), what price will it bring as a "9.6". It is currently in 3rd spot of HA auction result estimates only behind the Bat1 3.5 and AF15 8.5. That is not a good 9.6 9.2 ya but not 9.6 look at it. https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/detective-comics-32-dc-1939-cgc-nm-96-off-white-pages/p/7158-130003.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515 Looks better as 9.2 Look at top staple now at 9.6 ? http://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=549588 I just compared the scans. Sadly, I must agree with woowoo on this point. I'm also curious to know why the page quality was upgraded from just two years ago. Others know more about this than I do, but other board members have stated that when a book is pressed, the pages retain some moisture that makes them feel more supple, so if a book is graded within days of having been pressed, it is likely to get PQ bump.
  11. From werewolf in tattered clothes to skid row monster.
  12. From the alliterative Monster Mill to the alliterative Deadly Double.
  13. From scaly green baddies with purple boots to a scaly green baddie with a purple head.
  14. From Green Lantern leaping through the air to Green Lantern's dog leaping through the air.
  15. From travel by train to travel by boat.
  16. All I know is, if I see one at a garage sale, I'm buying it!
  17. From a guy with a green suit and a green hat to one guy with green tights and another guy with a green hat.
  18. Delusional. The facts are the facts, they don't require a "narrative", they are what they are: Nearly 6 years; Just 29 census copies; Just 7 public slab sales. 29 census copies is considered a small number for variants? I would not have known that. I mostly buy GA; I own very few books that have that many copies in the census. A while back I bought a Catman Comics #10: 11 copies in the census, 3 of them restored. My 7.5 is the 2nd-highest graded (behind an 8.0). A few years ago I picked up a high-grade copy of Fight Comics #20, which has 12 total copies in the census. Even with a mainstream title like Detective Comics, 29 would be a big number. I recently bought a non-CGC'd copy of Detective Comics #208, which has only 13 copies in the census, and 4 of those are restored. I would call all of those books tough in grade; I wouldn't consider any of them rare. By GA standards, a rare book might on have 2 or 3 copies in the census. I won't offer an opinion on whether $9K is a fair price—I'm too out of my element to say—but it does surprise me.
  19. From crashing on another planet to space aliens trashing this one.